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ODS FOAF References

This article outlines the mapping of ODS data to the FOAF ontology for the purpose of constructing SPARQL Queries against OpenLink Data Spaces ODS Data.

You can actually create you own Data Spaces and then experiment with these queries by opening accounts at: (for very temporary and volatile usage) or (for less volatile usage)

You can run most (if not all) of the queries with minimal modification using the following SPARQL Query Services: (using the 'demo' user account) and (assuming you have an account with this service)

Note: Default Graph URI value used in the queries below is:

Using SPARQL CONSTRUCT to Export FOAF based RDF Data Sets

CONSTRUCT based SPARQL queries are very useful when trying to expose RDF (via a SPARQL Endpoint) to RDF Data Set consumers that do not support SPARQL. In a sense, the SPARQL CONSTRUCT statements as part of a SPARQL Protocol payload deliver a Data Web (Web 3.0) Experience to Interactive-Web Clients (Web 1.0).






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