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Configuring an external IMAP4 account in ODS-Mail

This guide demonstrates how to use the ODS-Mail UI to set an external IMAP4 account, and retrieve synchronized messages.

  1. Confirm that ODS-Mail has been installed in your host ODS instance.
  2. Browse to your host ODS instance, http://<cname>[:<port>]/ods, e.g.,
  3. Log in.
  4. Create ODS-Mail instance:

  5. Go to Preferences:

  6. Click External Accounts in the left pane:

  7. Click the Create Account button:

  8. Fill out the form presented:
    • Name: your own name for the external mail box, e.g., "My GMail via IMAP"
    • Server type: specify: "IMAP"
    • Connection type: None or SSL/TSL, for example, "SSL/TSL"
    • Server address: the address of the external IMAP4 Account Server, for example ""
    • Server port: the external IMAP4 Account Server's port, for ex: "993"
    • Username: your username for your account on the given external IMAP4 Account Server
    • Password: the password for your account on the given external IMAP4 Account Server
    • Store in: the location in your ODS-Mail, where the retrieved messages from your external IMAP4 account will go, for example, "Inbox" / "MyImapMail"
    • Check for new messages every 15 minutes, for example
    • After get: set "Leave original" / or "Delete from server after retrieval"

  9. Click "Verify" to verify your account setting and log in credentials:

  10. Click "Ok" and then click "Save".
  11. As result the created external IMAP4 Account should be presented in the list of available ODS user's External accounts:

  12. If you want to manually retrieve the messages from your external IMAP4 account, hatch the check-box in front of the account and click the "Get Mail" button:

  13. Status information should be presented:

  14. To view how many messages have been retrieved, you can go to "Activity Manager":

  15. View your external account messages by going to the set from above external IMAP4 account folder, for ex. as in our example Inbox -> My GMail via IMAP


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