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ODS Application Endpoints (URL Redirection)

ODS has an application URI scheme for easy recollection of application instantiation end points. A URL in the format shown below will redirect to the appropriate page of the application requested.

The general form of the redirect URL in ODS is as follows:


Where is an ODS application realm is one of the following values :

  • feeds
  • weblog
  • wiki
  • briefcase
  • mail
  • bookmark
  • photos
  • community
  • news

Example 1

The following URL takes you to the Weblog home page of a blog owned by Kingsley Idehen (an ODS member) named: Kingsley Idehen Blog Data Space:

There are also ODS Access Points scoped to the ODS member level for a given realm that enable the listing of all application instances belonging to an ODS member.

The Access Convention is as follows: http://.:[port]/dataspace/

where is an ODS members login name.

Example 2


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