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OpenLink Data Spaces Framework

The ODS Framework is where:

  • Users can register and maintain their personal information, granting fine-grained access to the public or your friends. You can invite friends and do all other typical social network tasks.
  • Users can create applications, access their existing applications, and manage their membership in different applications.
  • Users can see a dashboard view of the site activity
  • The site operator can configure global settings

Each individual blog, newsreader or other ODS application instance belongs to a user. This user may choose to make the content visible to the public or to restrict it. ODS applications are built with teams in mind. The owner of an application can invite other users to share in the application, thus supporting for example team authorship for a blog.

The framework offers a unified search, allowing search on text or tags across all data that is visible to the searching user. The framework also keeps statistics on tag usage. This allows discovery of new conversations, popular topics, etc.

Feature Highlights

  • Templateable user home pages
  • FOAF export of public user information
  • Invite friends into social network or into specific applications
  • ODS uses Google Maps to display a map of a user's social network. Additionally, when people appear as search results, they can optionally be shown on a map.
  • ODS uses MSN, Yahoo, or ZeeSource to translate addresses into map coordinates
  • Search results are available in all feed formats
  • Facility for managing user-specific content tagging rules to be used by ODS Blog and other applications to classify content.
  • Manage the virtual hosts associated with different applications. For instance, specify that my blog be accessed as
  • Dashboard view of recent changes in each user's applications
  • Create applications and manage groups of collaborating users within each application.

ODS Framework API

  • API for creating users and ODS application instances is available using Web services.


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