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ODS GData Service

Virtuoso's support for the GData protocol is exposed at a higher application user lever via the ODS suite of applications. This isn't the only entry point for using GData with Virtuoso; it is simply the interface level closest to the typical user.

Search Service Endpoints

GData services, like all Web services, are exposed via invocation endpoints. The ODS endpoints formats are as follows:

  • app-realm: a comma-separated list of application names for searching, for example 'weblog', 'wiki' etc. This specifies the application type but does not scope the search to any single wiki or blog. If not specified the search will be over all ODS applications and accounts. The following values are supported: 'feeds', 'weblog', 'wiki', 'briefcase', 'mail', 'bookmark', 'photos', 'community' and 'news'.
    Example URL Effect
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData?q=virtuoso will search across ODS for content matching pattern: 'virtuoso'
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/weblog?q=virtuoso will search weblog data space for content matching pattern: 'virtuoso'
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/weblog,feeds?q=virtuoso will search weblog and feed subscriptions data spaces content matching pattern: 'virtuoso.'

  • tag-expression: tags connected with '|' (OR) or '/' (AND)
    Example URL Effect
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/-/tag1/tag2 will search all ODS application data having tags 'tag1' and 'tag2'
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/-/tag1|tag2 will search all ODS application data having tags 'tag1' or 'tag2'
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/weblog/-/tag1|tag2 will search weblog posts having tags 'tag1' or 'tag2'

  • text-query: a string containing a words to be matched in the application's searchable content
  • output-format: 'atom' or 'rss', which kind of feed format to be returned. if not given, ATOM is the default.
    Example URL Effect
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/weblog?q=virtuoso&alt=rss will return blog posts containing the word 'virtuoso' in the RSS 2.0 feed format.
    http://host:port/dataspaces/GData/weblog?q=virtuoso will return blog posts containing the word 'virtuoso' in the Atom 1.0 feed format.

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