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Weblog Ubiquity Commands

  1. establish OAuth session key for ODS Weblog instance:

    Syntax: ods-set-weblog-oauth <session_key> Example: ods-set-weblog-oauth c4746c96bd8faa99798ad88448ba3bab

    • Example usage you can find here.
  2. get weblog resource information by blog ID:

    Syntax: ods-get-weblog-by-id <blog_id> Example: ods-get-weblog-by-id 10

  3. get weblog resource information by post ID:

    Syntax: ods-get-weblog-post-by-id <post_id> Example: ods-get-weblog-post-by-id 1001

  4. create weblog post:

    Syntax: ods-create-weblog-post <instance_id> title <title> description <description> [categories <categories>] [dateCreated <dateCreated>] [enclosure <enclosure>] [source <source>] [link <link>] [author <author>] [comments <comments>] [allowComments <allowComments>] [allowPings <allowPings>] [convertBreaks <convertBreaks>] [excerpt <excerpt>] [pingUrls <pingUrls>] [textMore <textMore>] [keywords <keywords>] [publish <publish>] Example: ods-create-weblog-post 10 title RDF description Virtuoso RDF and SPARQL

    • Example usage you can find here.
  5. update weblog post:

    Syntax: ods-update-weblog-post <post_id> title <title> description <description> [categories <categories>] [dateCreated <dateCreated>] [enclosure <enclosure>] [source <source>] [link <link>] [author <author>] [comments <comments>] [allowComments <allowComments>] [allowPings <allowPings>] [convertBreaks <convertBreaks>] [excerpt <excerpt>] [pingUrls <pingUrls>] [textMore <textMore>] [keywords <keywords>] [publish <publish>] Example: ods-update-weblog-post 1001 title RDF description Virtuoso RDF and SPARQL categories RDF, SPARQL

  6. delete weblog post:

    Syntax: ods-delete-weblog-post-by-id <post_id> Example: ods-delete-weblog-post-by-id 1001

  7. create comment to existing post ID:

    Syntax: ods-create-weblog-comment <post_id> name <name> text <text> author <author> authorMail <authorMail> authorUrl <authorUrl> Example: ods-create-weblog-comment 1001 name Re: RDF text Best RDF implementation!!! author Admin authorMail authorUrl

  8. get weblog comment information by resource ID:

    Syntax: ods-get-weblog-comment-by-id <post_id> comment_id <comment_id> Example: ods-get-weblog-comment-by-id 1001 comment_id 10001

  9. approve weblog comment by resource ID:

    Syntax: ods-approve-weblog-comment <post_id> comment_id <comment_id> flag <-1|0|1> Example: ods-approve-weblog-comment 1001 comment_id 10001 flag 1

  10. delete weblog comment by resource ID:

    Syntax: ods-delete-weblog-comment post_id comment_id <comment_id> Example: ods-delete-weblog-comment 1001 comment_id 10001

  11. set weblog instance options/properties:

    Syntax: ods-set-weblog-options <instance_id> options <options>

  12. get weblog instance options/properties:

    Syntax: ods-get-weblog-options <instance_id> Example: ods-get-weblog-options 10

  13. create weblog upstreaming job:

    Syntax: ods-set-weblog-upstreaming <instance_id> targetRpcUrl <targetRpcUrl> targetBlogId <targetBlogId> targetProtocolId <targetProtocolId> targetUserName <targetUserName> targetPassword <targetPassword> [aclAllow <aclAllow>] [aclDeny <aclDeny>] [syncInterval <syncInterval>] [keepRemote <keepRemote>] [maxRetries <maxRetries>] [maxRetransmits <maxRetransmits>] [initializeLog <initializeLog>] Example: ods-set-weblog-upstreaming 10 targetRpcUrl targetBlogId Demo targetProtocolId 1 targetUserName demo targetPassword ***

    • Note: targetProtocolId range is:

      1 - Blogger 2 - MetaWeblog 3 - MoveableType 5 - Atom

  14. get information for weblog upstreaming job:

    Syntax: ods-get-weblog-upstreaming <job_id> Example: ods-get-weblog-upstreaming 1001

  15. delete weblog upstreaming job:

    Syntax: ods-delete-weblog-upstreaming <job_id> Example: ods-delete-weblog-upstreaming 1001

  16. set tagging options:

    Syntax: ods-set-weblog-tagging <instance_id> flag <0|1> Example: ods-set-weblog-tagging 10 flag 1

  17. retag existing posts:

    Syntax: ods-retag-weblog-tagging <instance_id> keepExistingTags <0|1> Example: ods-retag-weblog-tagging 10 keepExistingTags 1


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