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%ODSCOPY%CategoryHowTo CategoryODS CategoryVirtuosoThe [[Ods][OpenLink Data Spaces documentation]] provides more details on usage.| *SIOC File URI* | <code><nowiki>http://your-ec2-instance-cname/dataspace/your-ods-id/sioc.rdf</nowiki></code> || *FOAF Profile URL* | <code><nowiki>http://your-ec2-instance-cname/dataspace/person/your-ods-id</nowiki></code> || *WebID* | <code><nowiki>http://your-ec2-instance-cname/dataspace/person/your-ods-id#this</nowiki></code> |on the patterns below &mdash; 1 Then look at the imported data in Linked Data form via your ODS generated URIs based Bookmarks using the "Bookmarks" applicatione.g., subscribe to a few RSS/Atom feeds via the "Feeds Manager" application, or import some 1 Import data from your existing Web 2.0 style applications into OpenLink Data Spaces, %BR%%BR%<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/EC2_ODS_App.png" style="wikiautogen"/>%BR%%BR% 1 Create a Data Space Application Instance by clicking on a Data Space Application Tab%BR%%BR%<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/EC2_ODS_Login.png" style="wikiautogen"/>%BR%%BR%a new user. Note: OpenID is an option here). 1 Log in using the username and password credentials for the 'dav' account (or register %BR%%BR%<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/EC2_ODS.png" style="wikiautogen"/>%BR%%BR%%BR%%BR%<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/EC2_ODS_main.png" style="wikiautogen"/>%BR%%BR%to start a Personal Edition of OpenLink Data Spaces. 1 Click on the ODS (OpenLink Data Spaces) link (or go to
the built-in Sponger Middleware). 1 Give the 'SPARQL' user 'SPARQL_UPDATE' privileges (required if you want to exploit %BR%%BR%<img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/EC2_ODS_VAD_Install.png" style="wikiautogen"/>%BR%%BR%install. Note that installation of the ODS "Framework" application is required. 1 Go to "System" -> "Packages" tab and select the ODS applications you would like to Web browser and log in. 1 Connect to: <code><nowiki>http://your-ec2-instance-cname</nowiki></code> with your 1 Start a [[][Virtuoso EC2 AMI instance]].---++InstallationThe [[Ods][OpenLink Data Spaces]] (ODS) are available as an EC2 AMI enabling the hosting of the complete suite of ODS applications in the Amazon Cloud.---++OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) Installation on Virtuoso EC2 AMI instance%META:TOPICPARENT{name="VirtInstallationEC2"}%