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%META:TOPICMOVED{by="DeeGerhardt" date="1147362881" from="Main.OdsOpenSourceWebBlog" to="Main.OdsBlog"}%%ODSCOPY%CategoryODS CategoryOpenSource CategoryBlog CategoryOdsWeblog CategoryWebSite * [[][Weblog Platform White Paper]] * Check out our Blog Data Space in action by visiting the [[][Virtuoso Technology Blog]] * [[][PHPBB SIOC Reference]] * [[][MedaWiki SIOC Reference]] * [[][WordPress SIOC Reference]] * [[][Query Virtuoso Documentation using SPARQL]] * [[][Query Virtuoso Tutorials using SPARQL]] * [[][Northwind SPARQL Reference]] * [[VOSODSSparqlSamples][ODS SPARQL Samples]] * [[ODSAnnoteaRef][Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Annotea Ontology]] * [[ODSFOAFRef][Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and FOAF Ontology]] * [[ODSSKOSRef][Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and SKOS Ontology]] * [[ODSAtomOWLRef][Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Atom OWL Ontology]] * [[ODSSIOCRef][ODS SIOC reference]]---+++See also * [[ODSWeblogProgrammersGuideWebServices][Web Services Programmers Guide]] * [[OdsWeblogProgrammersGuide][Weblog's Programmers Guide]]---+++Reference Guides * [[VirtOAuthTestToolExampleWeblog][Weblog OAuth REST API Tutorial with the Virtuoso OAuth Testing Tool]] * [[VirtuosoOdsUbiquityTutorialsWeblogOAuthD][Weblog OAuth Authentication Tutorial]] * [[VirtuosoOdsUbiquityTutorialsUpstreamWeblog][Weblog Upstreaming Ubiquity Tutorial]] * [[ODSWeblogImport][Weblog Importing Tutorial]]---+++Weblog Tutorials * [[OdsWeblogGettingStarted][Getting Started with Weblog]]---+++Quick Start Guides * [[OdsBlogFAQ][Weblog FAQ]]---+++FAQs * [[ODSSWATOTutorial][Perform the Distributed Social Network use case specified by SWATO level 0?]] * [[ODSFOAFRefExampleBlog][Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the FOAF Ontology]] * [[ODSSKOSRefExampleBlog][Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the SKOS Ontology]] * [[ODSAtomOWLRefExampleBlog][Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the Atom Ontology]] * [[SIOCRefBlog][Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the SIOC Ontology]] * [[VirtuosoOdsUbiquityWeblog][Use the Weblog Ubiquity Commands?]] * [[VirtOAuthTestToolExampleWeblog][Use the Virtuoso OAuth Test tool to manage my Weblog data?]] * [[OdsWeblogGettingStarted][Configure my Weblog?]] * [[VirtMOATSettings][Set Automatic links and Content Hyperlinking?]] * [[VirtuosoOdsControllersWeblog][Manipulate my Weblog data via REST using authentication based on OAuth, sessions, or password hash?]] * [[ODSOpenID][Use OpenID for my Weblog Posts authentication verification?]] * [[ODSWeblogProgrammersGuideWebServices][Make Upstreaming?]] * [[ODSWeblogImport][Make Downstreaming(Importing)?]]---+++How Do I ...? * Access-control - Blog readership is controllable via Access Control Lists (ACLs) * Community / Group authored blogs include oles- based security across various profile---+++Security * Automatic synchronization with third party (and other ODS Weblog instances) via rules-based upstreaming * Import and Export integration with shard bookmarking services such as * Automatic pinging of 3rd party services such as:,,, and others---+++3rd Party Integration via web Services * Mobile Blogging for Mobile phones acting as Blog clients * Microformats support - RDFa, eRDF, XFN, hReview, and others * Automatic generation of syndication gems (ATOM, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, XBEL, OpenSearch) for all Search and Query result sets * Search - Free Text, GData, SPARQL, XQuery, and XPath * Automatically generated Linkblogs and Summary Pages (for outbound link automation) * Keyword-driven rules engine for automated content-categorization and tagging * Enclosures support for multimedia casting (Podcasts and Videocasts) * Sophisticated Comment Engine - includes OpenID support and transparent integration with NNTP * Archiving - by year, month, category * WYSIWYG editor (includes Preview and Save-as-Draft functions) * CSS & (X)HTML based Page Templating ---+++Content Management * XBEL * FOAF * SIOC * OCS * OPML * Atom * RSS 2.0 (including variations from Yahoo! and Apple) * RSS 1.0---+++Content Syndication Formats * Atom * Meta Weblog * Blogger (1.0 & 2.0) * Moveable Type---+++Content Publishing Protocols Support---++Feature HighlightsODS-Weblog provides a sophisticated platform for editing and publishing of Weblogs.---+Weblog Publishing Platform%ODSNAV%%META:TOPICPARENT{name="Ods"}%%VOSWARNING%