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CategoryMail CategoryODS CategoryOpenSource CategoryOdsMail CategoryDocumentation CategoryWebSite * [[OdsWebmailProgrammersGuide][ODS-Mail's Programmers Guide]]---+++Reference Guides * [[OdsMailSpamFilterGuide][ODS-Mail Set Spam Filter Tutorial]]---+++ODS-Mail Tutorials * [[OdsMailGettingStarted][Getting Started with ODS-Mail]]---+++Quick Start Guides * [[OdsMailFAQ][ODS-Mail FAQ]]---+++FAQs * [[OdsMailTemplates][Mail Templates]] * [[OdsMailMerge][Mail Merge]] * [[ODSMailEncrypt][Optionally Sending Encrypted Messages?]] * [[ODSMailSendDigitallySignedMsg][Optionally Sending Digitally Signed Messages?]] * [[ODSMailWebIDSMIME][Evaluate SMIME + WebID support?]] * [[ODSMailWebIDFilter][Use WebID to filter in-bound Signed Mail?]] * [[ODSMailIMAP4Thunderbird][Synchronizing Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP 4 account store with ODS-Mail IMAP 4 mapped instance]] * [[ODSMailIMAP4External][Set External IMAP 4 Account?]] * [[ODSMailPop3External][Set External POP3 Account?]] * [[OdsMailSpamFilterGuide][Set the ODS-Mail Spam Filter?]] * [[OdsMailFiltersGuide][Set Filter in ODS-Mail?]] * [[OdsMailInstallGuide][Install ODS-Mail?]]---+++How Do I ...? * Dates, email history, email sender and recipients * Tags and email subjects * Emails, folders/sub-folders and attachments---+++Stored Feed Manager MetadataExplorer, Mozilla/Netscape, and Opera. * Browser support includes Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet ---+++ Web Browser Functionalitya given date or date range or to whom the email was sent. * Advanced Search allows you to search attachments and messages for company, or subject * Display Specific Messages - find all messages relating to a person, easily to find a specific message(s) relating to a given search * Search Multiple Folders - select one or multiple folders quickly and to a select few.define the search criteria or select multiple folders or limit the search find messages in your e-mail account. Choose from multiple options to * ODS-Mail includes a sophisticated built-in search so you can easily ---++++Search * Mark messages as "urgent" or "low priority" * Mark messages as read or unread * Flag messages for follow up * Automatically (optional) store sent messages in the Sent folder * Sort mail by sender, subject, or date received easy e-mail management and filtering * Organize your email by moving messages into designated folders for folders quickly and easily * Personalize Folders - create, modify, and delete personalized new and old messages; and add and delete folders with folder management. * Folder Management - with ODS-Mail you can quickly and easily organize ---++++Organize * Import mail messages from any POP-3 based email. * Drafts support * CC, BCC and DCC supportembedded images * Text-Only Messages - compose messages without formatting or colors, and more * Format Messages - bold, italicize, change fonts, background * Embed Images directly into the body of a messagedirectly into the body of the e-mail.size, and color, while modifying the message format and embedding images in text or HTML mode and provides the ability to format the font type, built-in WYSIWYG editor. Mails WYSIWYG editor allows you to compose messages * Create professional messages in plain text or HTML format with Mails other documents to your message. * Attachments - Attach URIs or files to your message such as word or * Easy to use Preview Pane for navigating folders and reading mail---+++Presentation & Content---++Feature Highlightscalendars, photos, Wikis, and other applications.[[DataSpace][Data Spaces]], and thus includes remote access to files, feeds,tools via a user-friendly web interface. It is integrated with OpenLinkcommunications by providing remote workers with efficient collaborationindustry's best performance and availability. It reduces the cost ofsolution designed to support numbers of users whilst delivering theODS-Mail is a highly scalable and robust web-based email and collaboration---+ODS-Mail