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    Atom based upstream support

    ODSWiki now supports Atom based upstreaming. Any cluster can be configured to escalate any changes to one or several remoted ODSWiki instances.


    Upstreaming can be configured in Cluster Settings page in Upstreams tab.

    The form for adding or changing existing upstream contains following fields:

    Field Value
    name name of the upstream - list of upstreams actually a list of such names
    URL URL of remote ODSWiki Atom endpoint. Usually it is something like =http://{server}[:port]/dataspace/{ownername}/wiki/{clustername}/atom-pub=
    user name of user who has write permissions on the remote ODSWiki instance
    password password of user

    Simple example:

    • Note: At myopenlink.net:8890/ods :
      1. There is an user test1 with pwd 1 registered.
      2. User test1 is an owner of a test1Wiki wiki instance.
    1. Install ODS and Wiki packages.
    2. Login at http://host:port/ods
    3. Go to Wiki tab from the ODS main navigation.
    4. Click the "Create New" link.
    5. In the shown form click the "Create and Launch application".
    6. As result is shown the WelcomeVisitors wiki home page. From the right vertical navigation click the "Cluster Settings" link.
    7. Click the "Upstreams" link.
    8. Enter in the shown form:
      1. For field "name": My upstream
      2. For field "URL": http://myopenlink.net:8890/dataspace/test1/wiki/test1Wiki/atom-pub
      3. For field "user": test1
      4. For field "password": 1
      5. Check the check-box for "Make full cluster upstream first".
    9. Click the button "Add/Update Upstream".
    10. In the "Go" field enter TestStream? and click enter.
    11. Enter for the article's body: simple text.
    12. Click the button "Save and release lock".
    13. After a while, go to http://myopenlink.net:8890/dataspace/test1/wiki/test1Wiki/
    14. Click the "Index" link from the bottom of the page.
    15. As result among the article from this instance, should be shown also the TestStream? article.