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ODS-Briefcase WebID based ACL Sharing to Person Guide

  1. Configure Virtuoso+ODS instance as an X.509 Certificate Authority and HTTPS listener
  2. Generate a Personal HTTP based Identifier for fictitious Person Entity: John and then bind his personal Identifier to an X.509 Certificate (thereby giving him a WebID)
  3. Log into ODS-Briefcase as user "Demo" (a Person Entity) and then share an ODS-Briefcase hosted resource explicitly with "John" (solely) via his WebID:
    1. For a given resource in ODS-Briefcase ->Resource->Edit->Sharing tab.
    2. In the "WebID users" section click the "Add" button in order to add new WebID and set respectively the desired rights.

    3. In the shown form:
      1. Select for "Access Type": Personal
      2. Enter for User's WebID an user's WebID for which user is created WebID certificate for ex. http://localhost:8896/dataspace/person/john#this
      3. Set Web Access, for example by checking the (R)ead check-box.

      4. Click the "Update" button.
  4. As Person Entity: John attempt to view the resource shared by Person Entity "Demo" by doing the following:


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