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    ODS-Mail Set External POP3 Account Guide

    This guides provides sample scenario how using the ODS-Mail UI, the ODS user can set an external POP3 account and finally to retrieved synchronized messages.

    1. Make sure the steps from the ODS-Mail Installation Guide are performed.
    2. Go to http://host:port/ods
    3. Log in as ODS user
    4. Go to Mail

    5. Go to "Manage

    6. Click "External POP3 Accounts" from the left vertical navigation menu.

    7. Click "Create POP3 Account"

    8. In the presented form specify:
      • Name: external mail box name
      • Server type: None / or SSL/TSL
      • Server address: the address of the external POP3 Account Server
      • Server port: the external POP3 Account Server's port
      • Store in: the location in your ODS-Mail, where the retrieved messages from your external POP3 account will go
      • Check Interval: Day / or Hour
      • After get: Leave original / or Delete from server after retrieval.

    9. Click "Save"
    10. As result the created external POP3 Account should be presented in the list of available ODS user's POP3 accounts:

    11. In order to retrieve the messages from your external POP3 account you can also click "Check Now" from the "Actions" column:

    12. Go to "Inbox"

    13. In order to check the retrieved messages, go to your external POP3 account folder: