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    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is a popular open-source blog engine written in PHP. The guide below shows how to run it in Virtuoso.

    Install VAD

    1. Start virtuoso db using the hosting_php.so ( .dll for win users). In oder to use this plugin, it needs to be included in your virtuoso ini file as follows:

      ... [Plugins] # for ex. here the location of the plugins is the plugin folder LoadPath = ./plugin ... Load6 = Hosting,hosting_php.so ...

    2. Setup "Local Virtuoso" DSN (note the empty space in the name!) in order to access any of the application URLs.
      • For windows users, please perform the following steps:
        1. Go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Data Sources (ODBC)
        2. Go to tab "User DSN" and click "Add"
        3. Select the "OpenLink? Virtuoso (version)" driver and click "Finish"
        4. Enter "Name": Local Virtuoso
        5. Enter "Description": My Local Virtuoso
        6. For "Server", enter your Virtuoso's hostname and ISQL port, e.g., localhost:1116
        7. Click "Next"
        8. Enter a username for "Login ID", e.g., dba
        9. Enter the user's "Password". For dba, the default password is dba
        10. Click "Next"
        11. Click "Finish".
    3. From ISQL execute:

      SQL> DB.DBA.VAD_INSTALL('tmp/wordpress_fs.vad',0);

    RDF View Scripts

    1. After you have installed the WordPress wordpress_fs.vad package, using ISQL execute the WordPress_rdf_views_script.sql file, which contains the RDF Views scripts for WordPress:

      isql localhost:1116 dba dba WordPress_rdf_views_script.sql

      • You can also find the WordPress RDF Views scripts here?.


    1. In case you want to change the dba password, you need to locate the file below in your FS and change the $wgDBpassword value:


    2. After you have successfully installed the WordPress wordpress_fs.vad package and have run the RDF Views WordPress_rdf_views_script.sql, access the WordPress home page: http://host:port/wordpress

    URI Schemes



    • You can download the WordPress VAD package from here.


    See Also

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