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Virtuoso Open Source Edition News

2015 News Announcements

2015-12-09 - Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.2 Released

New product features as of December 9, 2015, v7.2.2, include:

Virtuoso Engine

  • Added support for reading bzip2 compressed files
  • Added support for reading xz/lzma compressed files
  • Added optimization for DATE/DATETIME/TIME escapes
  • Fixed memory leaks


  • Added option 3 to RDF_AUDIT_METADATA() which provides self-fixing of JSO based system metadata
  • Added new JSO loader with bif_jso_validate_and_pin_batch
  • Added new HTML output options to default /sparql endpoint page

Jena & Sesame

  • Updated Jena provider to handle mapping of Jena Blank Nodes to Virtuoso Blank Nodes

JDBC Driver

  • Added additional server-side settings
  • Added initial testsuite for handling date values in JDBC provider

Faceted Browser

  • Added aggregate query optimization for data across named graphs
  • Added support for automatic sponging when no pre-existing data is in place for a target document
  • Added using microdata as HTML metadata default instead of RDFa
  • Added missing default privilege GRANTs


  • Added export function for stored private and public keys
  • Added filters to IMAP DET folders
  • Added support for FTP DET
  • Added support for move and copy commands on some DETs
  • Added support for prefix search, lookup, and verification to WebDAV/Briefcase Editor
  • Added support for setting file expiration for WebDAV/Briefcase


  • Added DETs move/copy commands
  • Added IMAP DET filters to WebDAV browser
  • Added last-modified attribute to Documents
  • Added scheduler procedure for expired items
  • Added support for FTP DET

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2015-06-24 - Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.1 Released

New product features as of June 24, 2015, v7.2.1, include:

Virtuoso Engine

  • Added support for TIMEZONE-less xsd:dateTime & DATETIME
  • Added support for xsd:boolean
  • Added new text index functions
  • Added better handling of HTTP status codes on SPARQL graph protocol endpoint
  • Added new cache for compiled regular expressions
  • Added support for expression in TOP/SKIP
  • Fixed cost based optimizer related bugs
  • Fixed codegen in LEFT OUTER JOIN for ((A is NULL) or (A=B)) and similar expressions
  • Fixed issue with conditional expression
  • Fixed issue with SSL handshake in non-blocking mode
  • Fixed issue with "Anytime Query" and GROUP BY
  • Fixed issue with multistate ORDER BY
  • Fixed CORS header handling
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Updated documentation


  • Added support for SPARQL GROUPING SETS
  • Added support for SPARQL 1.1 EBV (Efficient Boolean Value)
  • Added support for define input:with-fallback-graph_uri
  • Added support for define input:target-fallback-graph-uri
  • Fixed SPARQL queries with sub-selects
  • Fixed SPARQL abs() should not convert result to INTEGER
  • Fixed UNDEF is now a valid generic subexpression in SPARQL
  • Fixed SQL codegen for SPARQL SELECT ... count(*) ...
  • Fixed SPARQL issue with UNION with multiple BINDS
  • Fixed handling of '*' in COUNT(*) and COUNT(DISTINCT *)
  • Fixed handling of "plain box" constants
  • Fixed handling of optional minus sign on SPARQL values
  • Fixed SPARQL 1.1 Update target for ignore default graph from context but set from USING
  • Fixed issue inserting triple with XML type
  • Fixed issue with bad filter reduced to NULL
  • Fixed return \uNNNN\uNNNN instead of \UNNNNNNNN in JSON strings
  • Fixed issue with xsd:dayTimeDuration in codegen
  • Fixed issue multiple OPTIONALs for a variable or nullable subq + optional

Jena & Sesame Compatibility

  • Added support for using rdf_insert_triple_c() to insert BNode data
  • Added support for returning xsd:boolean as true/false rather than 1/0
  • Added support for maxQueryTimeout in Sesame2 provider
  • Fixed blank node IRI mapping between frameworks and Virtuoso
  • Fixed issue with insert data via Jena provider in XA transaction
  • Fixed issue closing XA connection
  • Fixed issue with DELETE query
  • Fixed issue with blank nodes in DELETE constructor
  • Fixed issues with Date/Time/DateTime literals
  • Fixed corrupted literals with datatypes using Jena provider
  • Removed deprecated class reference

JDBC Driver

  • Added new methods setLogFileName and getLogFileName
  • Added new attribute "logFileName" to VirtuosoDataSources for logging support
  • Fixed issues logging JDBC XA operations and JDBC RPC calls
  • Fixed JDBC driver did not use SQL_TXN_ISOLATION setting from init handshake
  • Fixed throw exception when reading polygon geometry by JDBC
  • Fixed issues with Date, Time and DateTime
  • Fixed hang on PreparedStatement when using setFetchSize() method

Faceted Browser

  • Added support for emitting HTML5+Microdata instead of RDFa as default HTML page
  • Added query optimizations
  • Added new footer icons to /describe page
  • Fixed support for deep graph ACL checks
  • Fixed user switch
  • Fixed serialization issue
  • Fixed HTML content detection
  • Fixed labels
  • Fixed bad font on Chrome

Conductor and DAV

  • Added support for VAD dependency tree
  • Added support for default vdirs when creating new listeners
  • Added support for private RDF graphs
  • Added support for LDP in DAV API
  • Added option to create shared folder if not present
  • Added option to enable/disable DET graphs binding
  • Added option to set content length threshold for asynchronous sponging
  • Added folder option related to .TTL redirection
  • Added functions to edit turtle files
  • Added popup dialog to search for unknown prefixes
  • Added registry option to add missing prefixes for .TTL files
  • Fixed DETs to work with new private graphs
  • Fixed conflict using graph for share and LDP in WAC DELETE queries
  • Fixed hrefs for resource paths in DAV browser
  • Fixed issue deleting files from DAV
  • Fixed issues with subfolders of ResFilter and CatFilter DETs
  • Fixed labels


2015-02-11 -- Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.0 Released

New product features as of February 22, 2015, v7.2.0, include:

Virtuoso Engine

  • Added new threadsafe / reentrant SQL parser
  • Added support for using TLSF library for page-maps
  • Added support for setting SSL Protocols and Ciphers
  • Added support for new Unicode-3 based collations
  • Added support for custom HTTPLogFormat
  • Added support for quality factor in accept headers
  • Added rate limiter for bad connections
  • Added ODBC 3.x alias for current_date, current_time and current_timestamp
  • Improved cost based optimizer
  • Improved LDP support
  • Improved XPER support
  • Improved CSV support
  • Fixed handling of regexp cache size and pcre_match depth limit
  • Fixed handling of multibyte strings
  • Fixed handling of NVARCHAR data with zeros in the middle
  • Fixed handling of values in 10 day gap between Julian and Gregorian dates
  • Fixed if expr in rdf object range condition, set super so they get placed once
  • Fixed issue possibly reading freed block
  • Fixed issue with TZ field without separator
  • Fixed issue with duplicate hashes
  • Fixed issue with invariant predicates
  • Fixed issue with non chash DISTINCT GROUP BY with NULLs
  • Fixed issue with user aggregates and chash flush
  • Fixed issues with OUTER JOIN, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY
  • Fixed sending IRI IDs to remotes when using 'WHERE 0'
  • Fixed use SHA256 as default for certificate signing
  • Fixed memory leaks and memory fragmentation
  • Fixed SSL read/write error condition
  • Fixed Windows build

GEO functions

  • Added support for SPARQL INSERT with GEO literals
  • Added support for upcoming proj4 plugin
  • Fixed issue with RDF box with a geometry RDF type and a non-geometry content
  • Fixed calculation of serialization lengths for GEO boxes
  • Fixed compilation of a query with bif:st_intersects inside SERVICE {}
  • Fixed serialization of GEO boxes
  • Fixed intersect to working with other GEO shapes


  • Added new SPARQL pragma: define sql:comment 0/1
  • Added indicator when max rows is returned on /sparql endpoint
  • Added new role, SPARQL_LOAD_SERVICE_DATA
  • Added new client callable graph insert/delete/replace functions
  • Added support for __tag of UNAME
  • Added support for multiple SPARQL UPDATE commands
  • Added support for xsd:gYear and the like
  • Added support for CASE x WHEN ... and CASE WHEN in SPARQL
  • Added support for 'HTML with nice turtle' output format
  • Added TransStepMode option to virtuoso.ini
  • Improved handling of FLOATs and DOUBLEs in SPARQL compiler
  • Improved Turtle parser
  • Fixed SPARQL DELETE DATA when a complete RDF box w/o RO_ID is passed as obj
  • Fixed URI() is synonym for IRI()
  • Fixed equality of unames and strings, iri strings
  • Fixed issue eliminating empty {} in VALUE join
  • Fixed issue with R2RML
  • Fixed issue with XMLA
  • Fixed issue with base graph when using 'with_delete' in bulkloader
  • Fixed issue with multiple OPTIONAL
  • Fixed issue with SPARQL ... WITH DELETE on certain datatypes
  • Fixed issue with VARBINARY in RDF views
  • Fixed printing optimized-away data rows of VALUES in sparql_explain() dump
  • Fixed propagation of limits if SPART_VARR_EXTERNAL or SPART_VARR_GLOBAL variables present
  • Fixed regression for SPARQL 1.1 VALUES bindings
  • Fixed sort accented letters from "ORDER BY" in alphabetical order
  • Fixed startup speed with many graph group members

Jena & Sesame

  • Upgraded to Jena 2.12.0
  • Added support for Bulk Loading
  • Added support for Dataset method using defaultInsertGraph and defaultRemoveGraph
  • Fixed handling of blank nodes
  • Fixed transaction handling
  • Fixed NullPointerException for SPARQL with OPTIONAL
  • Fixed issue with statement leaks in older Virtuoso JDBC driver
  • Fixed issue with class definitions and classcast exceptions
  • Fixed issue with large datasets like Uniprot

JDBC Driver

  • Enhanced Connection Pool implementation
  • Added support for arrays for RDF Bulk loader
  • Added JDBC4 compliant metadata required by JBOSS
  • Fixed issue with statement leaks
  • Fixed issue with RoundRobin if server out of license
  • Fixed issue with stored procedures returning multiple resultsets
  • Fixed issue with rewind on Virtuoso BLOB
  • Fixed issue with batch procedure execution
  • Fixed issue with dates
  • Fixed issue with SQL_UTF8_EXECS=1
  • Fixed issue with JDBC testsuite

Faceted Browser

  • Added support for graph selection and persist in FCT state
  • Added support for link out icons on certain doc and image links
  • Added new description and sponger options as entity link types
  • Added option for JSON output to FCT service
  • Added GROUP BY to speed up DISTINCT
  • Added precompiled queries to speed up usage.vsp
  • Fixed base URI for crawlers
  • Fixed color scheme
  • Fixed graph perm check
  • Fixed handling of foaf:depiction
  • Fixed handling of iframe
  • Fixed issue when lang is missing to FCT service
  • Fixed issue with dateTime
  • Fixed issue with double quotes in literals
  • Fixed issue with nodeID
  • Fixed issue with null graphs
  • Fixed labels
  • Fixed links

2014 News Announcements

2014-02-17 -- Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.1.0 Released

New product features as of February 17, 2014, v7.1.0, include:

Engine (SQL Relational Tables and RDF Property/Predicate Graphs)

  • Enhancements to cost-based optimizer
  • Added optimization when splitting on scattered INSERTs
  • Added optimization on fetching col seg
  • Added support for multi-threaded sync/flush
  • Added support for ORDERed COUNT DISTINCT and exact p stat
  • Added new settings EnableMonitor
  • Added BIFs
    • key_delete_replay()
    • set_by_graph_keywords()
    • tweak_by_graph_keywords
    • vec_length()
    • vec_ref()
    • x509_verify_array()
    • xenc_x509_cert_verify_array()
  • Added new functions
    • bif_list_names()
    • bif_metadata()
  • Added new general-purpose HTTP auth procedure
  • Added support for local dpipes
  • Added support for session pool
  • Added option to allow restricting number of id ranges for new IRIs
  • Added support for execution profile in XML format
  • Added support for PL-as-BIFs in SPARQL
  • Improved I/O for geometries in SQL
  • Fixed geo cost of non-point geos where no explicit prec
  • Fixed re-entrant lexer
  • Fixed RPC argument checks
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed compiler warnings
  • Treat single db file as a single segment with one stripe
  • Updated testsuite

Geometry functions

  • Added initial support for
    • geoc_epsilon()
    • geometrytype()
    • st_affine() (2D trans only)
    • st_geometryn()
    • st_get_bounding_box_n()
    • st_intersects()
    • st_linestring()
    • st_numgeometries()
    • st_transform_by_custom_projection()
    • st_translate()
    • st_transscale()
    • st_contains()
    • st_may_contain()
    • st_may_intersect()
  • Added new BIFs for getting Z and M coords
  • Added support for <(type,type,...)type::sql:function> trick in order to eliminate conversion of types on function call
  • Optimization in calculation of GCB steps to make number of chained blocks close to square root of length of the shape
  • Fixed geo box support for large polygons
  • Fixed mp_box_copy() of long shapes
  • Fixed range checks for coordinates
  • Fixed calculation of lat/long ratio for proximity checks
  • Fixed bboxes in geo_deserialize
  • Fixed check for NAN and INF in float valued geo inx
  • Fixed check for NULL arguments
  • Minor fixes to other geo BIFs

Geometry Data Types

  • Support for the following geometry data types are available
    • Point
    • MultiPoint
    • LineString
    • MultiLineString
    • Box
    • Polygon
    • MultiPolygon
    • GeometryCollection


  • Added initial support for list of quad maps in SPARQL BI
  • Added initial support for vectored IRI to ID
  • Added initial support for SPARQL valid()
  • Added new codegen for initial fill of RDB2RDF
  • Added new settings CreateGraphKeywords, QueryGraphKeywords
  • Added new SPARQL triple/group/subquery options
  • Added missing function rdf_vec_ins_triples
  • Added application/x-nice-microdata to supported SPARQL results output formats
  • Added support for built-in inverse functions
  • Added support for GEO-SPARQL wkt type literal as synonym
  • Added support for the '-' operator for datetime data types
  • Fixed issues in handling GEO predicates in SPARQL
  • Fixed RDF views to use multiple quad maps
  • Fixed issues with UNION and BREAKUP
  • Fixed dynamic local for vectored
  • Fixed Transitivity support for combination of T_DIRECTION 3 and T_STEP (var)
  • Fixed handling of 30x redirects when calling remote endpoint
  • Fixed support for MALLOC_DEBUG inside SPARQL compiler
  • Fixed TriG parser

Jena & Sesame

  • Improved speed of batch delete
  • Removed unnecessary check that graph exists after remove
  • Removed unnecessary commits
  • Replaced n.getLiteralValue().toString() with n.getLiteralLexicalForm()

JDBC Driver

  • Added statistics for Connection Pool
  • Fixed speed of finalize

Conductor and DAV

  • Added trigger to delete temporary graphs used for WebID verification
  • Added new CONFIGURE methods to DETs to unify folder creation
  • Added new page for managing CA root certificates
  • Added new pages for graph-level security
  • Added verify for WebDAV DET folders
  • Added creation of shared DET folders
  • Fixed creation of ETAGs for DET resources
  • Fixed DAV rewrite issue
  • Fixed DAV to use proper escape for graphs when uploading
  • Fixed issue deleting graphs
  • Fixed issue uploading bad .TTL files
  • Fixed issue with DAV QoS re-write rule for text/html
  • Fixed issue with user dba when creating DET folders
  • Fixed normalize paths procedure in WebDAV
  • Fixed reset connection variable before no file error

Faceted Browser

  • Added missing grants
  • Added graph param in FCT permalink
  • Changed labels in LD views
  • Changed default sort order to DATE (DESC)
  • Copied virt_rdf_label.sql locally
  • Fixed double quote escaping in literals
  • Fixed FCT datatype links
  • Fixed the curie may contain UTF-8, so mark string accordingly
  • Changed describe mode for PivotViewer link

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