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Welcome to OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS)

A distributed collaborative application platform that provides a "Linked Data Junction Box" for Web protocols accessible data across a myriad of data sources.

ODS provides a cost-effective route for creating and exploit presence on the emerging Web of Linked Data. It enables you to transparently mesh data across Weblogs, Shared Bookmarking, Feeds Aggregation, Photo Gallery, Calendars, Discussions, Content Managers, and Social Networks.

ODS essentially provides distributed data across personal, group, and community data spaces that is grounded in Web Architecture. It makes extensive use of current and emerging standards across it's core and within specific functionality realms.

ODS Benefits include:

  • Platform independent solution for Data Portability via support for all major data interchange standards
  • Powerful solution for meshing data from a myriad of data sources across Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet
  • Coherent integration of Blogs, Wikis, and similar systems (native and external) that expose structured Linked Data
  • Collaborative content authoring and data generation without any exposure to underlying complexities of such activities
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