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    ODS Bookmark Manager API TTL Description


    A .TTL description of the application API actions using http://www.openlinksw.com/ontology/webservices# and http://schema.org/ ontologies.


    The .TTL description enable loading and using API actions with OpenLink Smart Data Bot.


    1. Install the latest ODS Framework and ODS Bookmark VADs;
    2. Create a Bookmark instance;
    3. Start an OSDB client following the OSDB Config Guide;
    4. Load the ODS Bookmark API TTL description using the OSDB command:

      > load [host]/dataspace/demo/bookmark/demo%27s%2Bookmark

    5. Then a new service is added with a name ods_bookmark:

      > services

    6. Then all enabled actions are shown using the command:

      > ods_bookmark actions

    7. Follow the OSDB Config Guide how to use the actions.