ODSBriefcaseSubscr ODS Briefcase Subscription ODS Briefcase offer the feature to retrieve content from external web sites and host it in ODS user own WebDAV repository using the Preferences->tab Subscriptions page: The tab shows list of (if there are such) retrieved target sites. For every target site is offered options to: Edit: edit site properties Delete: deletes the target site The basic sub-tabs are: New target: here you specified the target url to be retrieved, user name and password, DAV location to be stored the retrieved pages. If specified to store metadata, then is shown a list of supported RDF Cartridges Note: The "Target URL" will be used as a graph IRI. If no RDF cartridge is enabled only RDF formats will be imported. Queues: Shows subscribed for Targets list and Current Scheduled Updates list. For every target is offered option to: Start: starts retrieving Edit: edit site properties Schedule: create schedule for the site retrieve Reset: reset site retrieval Stop: stops the retrieval Retrieved Sites: shows list of all retrieved sites with their total pages. For every Site is offered option to: Edit: shows the list of retrieved pages, each of which has action "Delete" if desired. Export: the retrieved content can be exported to specified DAV External location Here is sample scenario: Go to http://myopenlink.net:8890/ods Login as demo user with demo password. Go to Briefcase Go to Preferences Go to tab Subscriptions Click the "New Target" button. Enter in the shown form: Target Description: OpenLink Target URL: http://www.openlinksw.com Copy to local DAV collection: /DAV/home/demo/mysubscriptions Check all check-boxes Click the button "Create".
As result in the "Target Sites" list will be shown 1 row with description "OpenLink"
Click the "Queues" button. As result will be shown our target with State "waiting":
Click the "Start" button from the "Action" column. As result will be shown the results of the retrieved pages:
When finished, should show the total of retrieved pages. Click the Back button As result our target will be shown with status "retrieved".
Click the "Retrieved Sites" button As result out target will be shown with total [n] pages retrieved:
To export the retrieved content click the "Export" button. In the shown form specify the External WebDAV Server URL for the selected site and click the "Export" button:
To create Schedule go to Queues Click the "Schedule" button for target "OpenLink". In the Event form add interval and start time:
Click the "Save" button As result the schedule should be added and shown in the "Current Scheduled Updates" list.
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