ODS-Calendar WebID? Protocol Share Task to Public

  1. Make sure the initial steps from the ODS-Calendar WebID Protocol Share Task Guide are performed.
  2. Set Public WebID? ACL Inheritance to be applied automatically to every new task you add in your Calendar or:
  3. Manually set the Public WebID? ACL by going for a given task in ODS-Calendar -> Tasks -> Task -> Edit -> Privacy "ACL" -> Sharing tab.
  4. In the "WebID? users" section click the "Add" button in order to set respectively the desired rights.

  5. In the shown form:
    1. Select for "Access Type": Public
    2. Set Web Access, for example by checking the (R)ead check-box.

    3. Click the "Save" button.
  6. Read here how to view the shared task.