ODS-Calendar WebID? Protocol Sharing to Person

  1. Configure Virtuoso+ODS instance as an X.509 Certificate Authority and HTTPS listener
  2. Generate a Personal HTTP based Identifier for fictitious Person Entity: John and then bind his personal Identifier to an X.509 Certificate (thereby giving him a WebID?)
  3. Go to http://cname/ods
  4. Enter ODS user credentials, for ex. "Demo"
  5. Go to ODS-Calendar and then share an ODS-Calendar Task or Event explicitly with "John" (solely) via his WebID?.
  6. As Person Entity: John attempt to view the shared Task/Event by Person Entity "Demo" by doing the following:
    • refresh browser
    • access the url:

      -- for task: https://host:ssl-port/dataspace/username/calendar/user-calendar-instance-name/Task/task-id -- for event: https://host:ssl-port/dataspace/username/calendar/user-calendar-instance-name/Event/event-id

      • For ex. it could be:

        -- for task: https://ods-qa.openlinksw.com/dataspace/demo/calendar/Demo%20User%27s%20Calendar/Task/1791 -- for event: https://ods-qa.openlinksw.com/dataspace/demo/calendar/Demo%20User%27s%20Calendar/Event/1789

    • when prompted by browser, select John's Certificate:

    • after successful authentication, you will be to view (or edit) the shared task/event: