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    ODS Feed Manager

    A Web-based Feed Aggregator and Reader that supports a wide range of content syndication formats including RSS, Atom, OPML, and OCS.

    Feature Highlights

    Presentation & Content

    • Read and organize your content feeds without having to leave your browser or launch a separate application
    • Email Style 3-Pane layout for easy navigation of folders, feeds and read news and stories
    • Tag, Flag, Email, and Blog items as you read so you can find important information quickly
    • Feed Manager imports and exports content to, and from, feed aggregation formats such as OPML or OCS.


    • Organize Feeds into folders and subfolders by topic and tag
    • Smart folders - dynamic and virtualized views of content based search criteria.


    • Sophisticated search - basic Free Text, GData, SPARQL, XQuery, and XPath
    • Search includes keywords and content metadata.

    How Do I ...?


    Quick Start Guides

    Feed Manager Tutorials

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