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    ODS-Mail Spam Filter Guide

    What is it?

    ODS-Mail offers the feature for Spam Filtering so to control which mails you can receive in our ODS-Mail inbox and which mails to go to your ODS-Mail Spam folder.


    In order the Spam Filter option in ODS-Mail to work properly you need to:


    What is treated for Spam?

    • Trust junk mail headers set by will automatically recognize mail that is marked by a separate junk mail filtering program. Very often ISP or mail server will install such a filtering program, which adds special headers to your email before it is retrieved by ODS-Mail. Currently supported are: SpamAssassin? and SpamPal?.
    • Do not mark messages as junk mail if the sender is in my address book prevents messages from being automatically marked as junk mail if the sender is listed in the user's AddressBook? instances. The user can also set the scope of allowed mails to be the contacts of his contacts. This respectively goes with depth 1, 2, etc.

    How to manage the Handling?

    General Settings

    The Spam General Settings are set in Preferences->Privacy page.

    In order to determine what to do with junk mail when it is received, one can manage the following SPAM General Settings presented in ODS-Webmail -> Preferences -> Privacy:

    • When messages are determined to be Spam:
      • Move them to the Spam folder (move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to will automatically place junk mail into the specified folder upon arrival);
      • Delete them.
    • Mark messages determined to be Spam as read;
    • Automatically delete spam messages older then N days (0 - no delete);

    Filter Settings

    SPAM messages can be controlled also using ODS-Mail -> Preferences -> Filters feature. See details on How to Create SPAM Filter rule based on WebID? in ODS-Mail.


    Web ID Filter Rule Example

    See here details on How to Create in ODS-Mail a WebID? Filter rule.

    Manage Spam Filter with Addressbook interaction

    See here details on How to Manage Spam Filter with Addressbook interaction.


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