OdsWebmailProgrammersGuideODS-Mail's Programmers Guide ODS-Mail Controllers Message get Description: gets mail message by given id API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.message.get" Parameters: msg_id Message new Description: new message API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.message.new" Parameters: inst_id toAddress bcAddress ccAddress priority subject body Message delete Description: delete message API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.message.delete" Parameters: msg_id Message move Description: moves message to specified folder API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.message.move" Parameters: msg_id path Folder new Description: creates new folder API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.folder.new" Parameters: inst_id path Folder delete Description: deletes folder API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.folder.delete" Parameters: inst_id path Folder rename Description: renames folder API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.folder.rename" Parameters: inst_id oldPath newPath Options set Description: sets options API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.options.set" Parameters: inst_id options Options get Description: get options API name: ODS.ODS_API."mail.options.get" Parameters: inst_id Related ODS-Mail ODS-Mail's Installation Guide Creating Filters in ODS-Mail Web ID Filter Rule Example; Set Filter Rule associated with IMAP4 account Example; Set Spam Filter Example; Manage Spam Filter with Addressbook interaction ODS-Mail's SMIME + WebID Support Guide Configure an external POP3 account in ODS-Mail Configure an external IMAP4 account in ODS-Mail Synchronizing Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP4 account store with ODS-Mail IMAP4 mapped instance CategoryMail CategoryODS CategoryOpenSource CategoryOdsMail CategoryWebSite