VOSNews Virtuoso Open Source Edition NewsVirtuoso Open Source Edition News 2016 News Announcements 2016-04-24 - Virtuoso 7.2.4 Released, Open Source and Commercial Editions New and updated product features as of April 25, 2016, v7.2.4, include: Virtuoso Engine Added "obvious" index choice Added new bif http_redirect_from for getting initial path from internal redirect Fixed ODBC issue with SQL_C_LONG bound to an int32 instead of an int64/long Fixed hang as page was not left if geo_pred signal an error Fixed check if geo_pred gets right arguments to prevent crash Fixed portability issue on Windows Fixed issue with cost based optimizer for isiri_id Fixed no change from chash to pageable if enable_chash_gb = 2 Disabled AIO for this release of Virtuoso SPARQL Added missing default privilege grants to SPARQL_UPDATE role account Added optimizations covering property paths with complementary and/or repeating paths Added min/max for IRI ID Added new HTML output option to DESCRIBE and CONSTRUCT queries that uses <script>...</script> to include RDF-based Structured Data Islands Added support for CVS in RFC4180 format Added support for skipping UTF-8 BOM marks on Turtle and JSON lexers Added support for service invocation of bigdata running in triples and introducing language exceptions Added new debug option to /sparql page Fixed issue with ':' in blank node labels Fixed NQuads do not permit %NN in blank node labels Fixed issues with property paths like <p>|!<p> Fixed issue when SERVICE clause does not return real vars, only ?stubvarXX Fixed issue with unused default graph Fixed issue with SPARQL SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT *) { ... } Fixed SPARQL-BI syntax for HAVING Fixed issue with duplicate triples in microdata Fixed handling of strings containing serialized XML Fixed issue with boolean in SPARQL/XML results Jena & Sesame Added Sesame 4 provider Added Jena 3 provider Added support for Sesame 2.8.x Added Jena example for use of Inference and Ontology Model with Jena provider Fixed Node2Str for Literals for more properly handle Literals with Lang Fixed issue with openrdf-workbench application Fixed Testsuites Fixed Sesame 2 test connection string Fixed PreparedStatement with parameter bindings for SPARQL queries with parameters instead of substituting parameter values in query Updated testsuites JDBC Driver Added support for building JDK 1.8 and JDBC 4.2 Added support for Connection.setCatalog() Fixed conversion of broken Unicode strings Fixed variable initialization Fixed VirtuosoDataSource methods setLog_Enable() and getLog_Enable() to properly work with Spring framework Fixed JDBC driver to remove finalizers Faceted Browser Added link-out icons Added more link-out relations Fixed content negotiation Fixed default output is XML Fixed facet search service Fixed issue with CSS Fixed labels Fixed missing alias in facet service Fixed missing grant Fixed og:image added to list Fixed possible change of displayed resources post-sponge Fixed prefixes Fixed space encoding in IRI Fixed splitting UTF-8 strings can produce bad encoded strings Fixed support for images Fixed svc search to keep address Conductor Added validation for sequence number value Added start and expiration dates of CA Added new option to disable scheduled job Synced Conductor WebDAV implementation with briefcase Fixed set specific sponger pragmas on text/html Fixed checkpoint after RDF view generation Fixed use of transactional mode Fixed issue with LDAP server Fixed labels DAV Small optimization for update triggers of WS.WS.SYS_DAV_RES Fixed set specific sponger pragmas on text/html Fixed issue uploading Turtle files containing special symbols DBpedia Implemented new fluid skin design for DBpedia /page based on the Bootstrap Framework Updated DBpedia VAD for UTF-8 based URIs for International Chapters Updated prefixes Added references to license Fixed show language with label, abstract, comment Fixed the http://mementoarchive.lanl.gov link Download Open Source or Commercial now! 2015 News Announcements 2015-12-09 - Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.2 Released New product features as of December 9, 2015, v7.2.2, include: Virtuoso Engine Added support for reading bzip2 compressed files Added support for reading xz/lzma compressed files Added optimization for DATE/DATETIME/TIME escapes Fixed memory leaks SPARQL Added option 3 to RDF_AUDIT_METADATA() which provides self-fixing of JSO based system metadata Added new JSO loader with bif_jso_validate_and_pin_batch Added new HTML output options to default /sparql endpoint page Jena & Sesame Updated Jena provider to handle mapping of Jena Blank Nodes to Virtuoso Blank Nodes JDBC Driver Added additional server-side settings Added initial testsuite for handling date values in JDBC provider Faceted Browser Added aggregate query optimization for data across named graphs Added support for automatic sponging when no pre-existing data is in place for a target document Added using microdata as HTML metadata default instead of RDFa Added missing default privilege GRANTs Conductor Added export function for stored private and public keys Added filters to IMAP DET folders Added support for FTP DET Added support for move and copy commands on some DETs Added support for prefix search, lookup, and verification to WebDAV/Briefcase Editor Added support for setting file expiration for WebDAV/Briefcase WebDAV Added DETs move/copy commands Added IMAP DET filters to WebDAV browser Added last-modified attribute to Documents Added scheduler procedure for expired items Added support for FTP DET 2015-06-24 - Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.1 Released New product features as of June 24, 2015, v7.2.1, include: Virtuoso Engine Added support for TIMEZONE-less xsd:dateTime & DATETIME Added support for xsd:boolean Added new text index functions Added better handling of HTTP status codes on SPARQL graph protocol endpoint Added new cache for compiled regular expressions Added support for expression in TOP/SKIP Fixed cost based optimizer related bugs Fixed codegen in LEFT OUTER JOIN for ((A is NULL) or (A=B)) and similar expressions Fixed issue with conditional expression Fixed issue with SSL handshake in non-blocking mode Fixed issue with "Anytime Query" and GROUP BY Fixed issue with multistate ORDER BY Fixed CORS header handling Fixed memory leaks Updated documentation SPARQL Added support for SPARQL GROUPING SETS Added support for SPARQL 1.1 EBV (Efficient Boolean Value) Added support for define input:with-fallback-graph_uri Added support for define input:target-fallback-graph-uri Fixed SPARQL queries with sub-selects Fixed SPARQL abs() should not convert result to INTEGER Fixed UNDEF is now a valid generic subexpression in SPARQL Fixed SQL codegen for SPARQL SELECT ... count(*) ... Fixed SPARQL issue with UNION with multiple BINDS Fixed handling of '*' in COUNT(*) and COUNT(DISTINCT *) Fixed handling of "plain box" constants Fixed handling of optional minus sign on SPARQL values Fixed SPARQL 1.1 Update target for ignore default graph from context but set from USING Fixed issue inserting triple with XML type Fixed issue with bad filter reduced to NULL Fixed return \uNNNN\uNNNN instead of \UNNNNNNNN in JSON strings Fixed issue with xsd:dayTimeDuration in codegen Fixed issue multiple OPTIONALs for a variable or nullable subq + optional Jena & Sesame Compatibility Added support for using rdf_insert_triple_c() to insert BNode data Added support for returning xsd:boolean as true/false rather than 1/0 Added support for maxQueryTimeout in Sesame2 provider Fixed blank node IRI mapping between frameworks and Virtuoso Fixed issue with insert data via Jena provider in XA transaction Fixed issue closing XA connection Fixed issue with DELETE query Fixed issue with blank nodes in DELETE constructor Fixed issues with Date/Time/DateTime literals Fixed corrupted literals with datatypes using Jena provider Removed deprecated class reference JDBC Driver Added new methods setLogFileName and getLogFileName Added new attribute "logFileName" to VirtuosoDataSources for logging support Fixed issues logging JDBC XA operations and JDBC RPC calls Fixed JDBC driver did not use SQL_TXN_ISOLATION setting from init handshake Fixed throw exception when reading polygon geometry by JDBC Fixed issues with Date, Time and DateTime Fixed hang on PreparedStatement when using setFetchSize() method Faceted Browser Added support for emitting HTML5+Microdata instead of RDFa as default HTML page Added query optimizations Added new footer icons to /describe page Fixed support for deep graph ACL checks Fixed user switch Fixed serialization issue Fixed HTML content detection Fixed labels Fixed bad font on Chrome Conductor and DAV Added support for VAD dependency tree Added support for default vdirs when creating new listeners Added support for private RDF graphs Added support for LDP in DAV API Added option to create shared folder if not present Added option to enable/disable DET graphs binding Added option to set content length threshold for asynchronous sponging Added folder option related to .TTL redirection Added functions to edit turtle files Added popup dialog to search for unknown prefixes Added registry option to add missing prefixes for .TTL files Fixed DETs to work with new private graphs Fixed conflict using graph for share and LDP in WAC DELETE queries Fixed hrefs for resource paths in DAV browser Fixed issue deleting files from DAV Fixed issues with subfolders of ResFilter and CatFilter DETs Fixed labels 2015-02-11 -- Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.2.0 Released New product features as of February 22, 2015, v7.2.0, include: Virtuoso Engine Added new threadsafe / reentrant SQL parser Added support for using TLSF library for page-maps Added support for setting SSL Protocols and Ciphers Added support for new Unicode-3 based collations Added support for custom HTTPLogFormat Added support for quality factor in accept headers Added rate limiter for bad connections Added ODBC 3.x alias for current_date, current_time and current_timestamp Improved cost based optimizer Improved LDP support Improved XPER support Improved CSV support Fixed handling of regexp cache size and pcre_match depth limit Fixed handling of multibyte strings Fixed handling of NVARCHAR data with zeros in the middle Fixed handling of values in 10 day gap between Julian and Gregorian dates Fixed if expr in rdf object range condition, set super so they get placed once Fixed issue possibly reading freed block Fixed issue with TZ field without separator Fixed issue with duplicate hashes Fixed issue with invariant predicates Fixed issue with non chash DISTINCT GROUP BY with NULLs Fixed issue with user aggregates and chash flush Fixed issues with OUTER JOIN, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY Fixed sending IRI IDs to remotes when using 'WHERE 0' Fixed use SHA256 as default for certificate signing Fixed memory leaks and memory fragmentation Fixed SSL read/write error condition Fixed Windows build GEO functions Added support for SPARQL INSERT with GEO literals Added support for upcoming proj4 plugin Fixed issue with RDF box with a geometry RDF type and a non-geometry content Fixed calculation of serialization lengths for GEO boxes Fixed compilation of a query with bif:st_intersects inside SERVICE {} Fixed serialization of GEO boxes Fixed intersect to working with other GEO shapes SPARQL Added new SPARQL pragma: define sql:comment 0/1 Added indicator when max rows is returned on /sparql endpoint Added new role, SPARQL_LOAD_SERVICE_DATA Added new client callable graph insert/delete/replace functions Added support for __tag of UNAME Added support for multiple SPARQL UPDATE commands Added support for xsd:gYear and the like Added support for CASE x WHEN ... and CASE WHEN in SPARQL Added support for 'HTML with nice turtle' output format Added TransStepMode option to virtuoso.ini Improved handling of FLOATs and DOUBLEs in SPARQL compiler Improved Turtle parser Fixed SPARQL DELETE DATA when a complete RDF box w/o RO_ID is passed as obj Fixed URI() is synonym for IRI() Fixed equality of unames and strings, iri strings Fixed issue eliminating empty {} in VALUE join Fixed issue with R2RML Fixed issue with XMLA Fixed issue with base graph when using 'with_delete' in bulkloader Fixed issue with multiple OPTIONAL Fixed issue with SPARQL ... WITH DELETE on certain datatypes Fixed issue with VARBINARY in RDF views Fixed printing optimized-away data rows of VALUES in sparql_explain() dump Fixed propagation of limits if SPART_VARR_EXTERNAL or SPART_VARR_GLOBAL variables present Fixed regression for SPARQL 1.1 VALUES bindings Fixed sort accented letters from "ORDER BY" in alphabetical order Fixed startup speed with many graph group members Jena & Sesame Upgraded to Jena 2.12.0 Added support for Bulk Loading Added support for Dataset method using defaultInsertGraph and defaultRemoveGraph Fixed handling of blank nodes Fixed transaction handling Fixed NullPointerException for SPARQL with OPTIONAL Fixed issue with statement leaks in older Virtuoso JDBC driver Fixed issue with class definitions and classcast exceptions Fixed issue with large datasets like Uniprot JDBC Driver Enhanced Connection Pool implementation Added support for arrays for RDF Bulk loader Added JDBC4 compliant metadata required by JBOSS Fixed issue with statement leaks Fixed issue with RoundRobin if server out of license Fixed issue with stored procedures returning multiple resultsets Fixed issue with rewind on Virtuoso BLOB Fixed issue with batch procedure execution Fixed issue with dates Fixed issue with SQL_UTF8_EXECS=1 Fixed issue with JDBC testsuite Faceted Browser Added support for graph selection and persist in FCT state Added support for link out icons on certain doc and image links Added new description and sponger options as entity link types Added option for JSON output to FCT service Added GROUP BY to speed up DISTINCT Added precompiled queries to speed up usage.vsp Fixed base URI for crawlers Fixed color scheme Fixed graph perm check Fixed handling of foaf:depiction Fixed handling of iframe Fixed issue when lang is missing to FCT service Fixed issue with dateTime Fixed issue with double quotes in literals Fixed issue with nodeID Fixed issue with null graphs Fixed labels Fixed links 2014 News Announcements 2014-02-17 -- Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 7.1.0 Released New product features as of February 17, 2014, v7.1.0, include: Engine (SQL Relational Tables and RDF Property/Predicate Graphs) Enhancements to cost-based optimizer Added optimization when splitting on scattered INSERTs Added optimization on fetching col seg Added support for multi-threaded sync/flush Added support for ORDERed COUNT DISTINCT and exact p stat Added new settings EnableMonitor Added BIFs key_delete_replay() set_by_graph_keywords() tweak_by_graph_keywords vec_length() vec_ref() x509_verify_array() xenc_x509_cert_verify_array() Added new functions bif_list_names() bif_metadata() Added new general-purpose HTTP auth procedure Added support for local dpipes Added support for session pool Added option to allow restricting number of id ranges for new IRIs Added support for execution profile in XML format Added support for PL-as-BIFs in SPARQL Improved I/O for geometries in SQL Fixed geo cost of non-point geos where no explicit prec Fixed re-entrant lexer Fixed RPC argument checks Fixed memory leaks Fixed compiler warnings Treat single db file as a single segment with one stripe Updated testsuite Geometry functions Added initial support for geoc_epsilon() geometrytype() st_affine() (2D trans only) st_geometryn() st_get_bounding_box_n() st_intersects() st_linestring() st_numgeometries() st_transform_by_custom_projection() st_translate() st_transscale() st_contains() st_may_contain() st_may_intersect() Added new BIFs for getting Z and M coords Added support for <(type,type,...)type::sql:function> trick in order to eliminate conversion of types on function call Optimization in calculation of GCB steps to make number of chained blocks close to square root of length of the shape Fixed geo box support for large polygons Fixed mp_box_copy() of long shapes Fixed range checks for coordinates Fixed calculation of lat/long ratio for proximity checks Fixed bboxes in geo_deserialize Fixed check for NAN and INF in float valued geo inx Fixed check for NULL arguments Minor fixes to other geo BIFs Geometry Data Types Support for the following geometry data types are available Point MultiPoint LineString MultiLineString Box Polygon MultiPolygon GeometryCollection SPARQL Added initial support for list of quad maps in SPARQL BI Added initial support for vectored IRI to ID Added initial support for SPARQL valid() Added new codegen for initial fill of RDB2RDF Added new settings CreateGraphKeywords, QueryGraphKeywords Added new SPARQL triple/group/subquery options Added missing function rdf_vec_ins_triples Added application/x-nice-microdata to supported SPARQL results output formats Added support for built-in inverse functions Added support for GEO-SPARQL wkt type literal as synonym Added support for the '-' operator for datetime data types Fixed issues in handling GEO predicates in SPARQL Fixed RDF views to use multiple quad maps Fixed issues with UNION and BREAKUP Fixed dynamic local for vectored Fixed Transitivity support for combination of T_DIRECTION 3 and T_STEP (var) Fixed handling of 30x redirects when calling remote endpoint Fixed support for MALLOC_DEBUG inside SPARQL compiler Fixed TriG parser Jena & Sesame Improved speed of batch delete Removed unnecessary check that graph exists after remove Removed unnecessary commits Replaced n.getLiteralValue().toString() with n.getLiteralLexicalForm() JDBC Driver Added statistics for Connection Pool Fixed speed of finalize Conductor and DAV Added trigger to delete temporary graphs used for WebID verification Added new CONFIGURE methods to DETs to unify folder creation Added new page for managing CA root certificates Added new pages for graph-level security Added verify for WebDAV DET folders Added creation of shared DET folders Fixed creation of ETAGs for DET resources Fixed DAV rewrite issue Fixed DAV to use proper escape for graphs when uploading Fixed issue deleting graphs Fixed issue uploading bad .TTL files Fixed issue with DAV QoS re-write rule for text/html Fixed issue with user dba when creating DET folders Fixed normalize paths procedure in WebDAV Fixed reset connection variable before no file error Faceted Browser Added missing grants Added graph param in FCT permalink Changed labels in LD views Changed default sort order to DATE (DESC) Copied virt_rdf_label.sql locally Fixed double quote escaping in literals Fixed FCT datatype links Fixed the curie may contain UTF-8, so mark string accordingly Changed describe mode for PivotViewer link Older Virtuoso News 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 CategoryVirtuoso CategoryOpenSource CategoryWebSite