SPARQL Sample Queries using Live Demonstration Data

This page presents examples of querying ODS RDF Graph via SPARQL.

Querying ODS Data via RDF data mapped to SIOC Ontology

Graph IRI format: http://<cname>/dataspace


  1. Public Demo Server Instance:
  2. MyOpenLink? Services (a demo instance of ODS):

Setup Guide

If you are creating a new account, please perform the following steps:

  1. Register under a username of your choosing
  2. Create ODS Application instances (aka Data Space Applications) for Briefcase, FeedManager, Mail, Blog, Wiki, Gallery, Bookmarks.
  3. Log under new user or use account: test1 and then proceed to the "My Weblog"
  4. Create a few sample blog posts
  5. Go to the "My Wiki" tab
  6. Create a sample Wiki article: Test1Sample, for instance
  7. Go to the Wiki Cluster Settings and press `Turn On' to enable Conversations
  8. Verify the "Conversation" feature by going to the "Discussions" tab in your ODS home, to see if a newsgroup has been automatically generated for your Wiki article. It should appear as: "oWiki-test1Wiki" assuming this is the name of your Wiki Data Space Instance
  9. From the WelcomeVisitors page clicks the Conversations link and sends one reply with body "This is sample reply"
  10. Create Data Space instances for the other ODS applications by clicking on the "My...." tabs which indicate each ODS Data Space
  11. Proceed to experiment with the SPARQL queries below.

SPARQL Query Interfaces

The SPARQL Sample queries can be executed using Virtuoso's traditional console-based ISQL interface, the Web-based equivalent bundled with the Virtuoso Conductor Admin UI, or by using the iSPARQL Web Query Interface at or exposed via the SPARQL endpoint at: . Of course you can also use the SPARQL Protocol to invoke these queries over HTTP using the SPARQL Query Endpoint at:

Note: If you are using SQL-based Data Access methods such as ISQL, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, or XMLA , you must prepend each query with sparql which is the convention required for executing SPARQL via Virtuoso SQL. Also do not forget to terminate your queries with semicolons (;) when using the ISQL interface in console mode.

Query Samples

Note: Default Graph URI value used in the queries below is:

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