Feed subscription via PubSubHub? Protocol

The following demonstrates how the PubSubHub? (PSH) Protocol can be used to make push subscription to an Atom or RSS feed.

Before performing any of these steps, read about the Virtuoso PubSubHub implementation, and make sure pubsubhub_dav.vad is installed.

Example Steps

  1. Initially we create a blog instance and do some posts.

  2. Next we subscribe using the PSH generic client subscription UI. Go to http://cname/psh/subscribe.html and enter for ex. the following values as per attached:

  3. If subscription succeeds, we should see a Success message; otherwise, a trace for the error.

  4. In Feed Manager UI, we register the feed in order to see its content.

  5. Then we add one new post to the blog:

  6. Using generic publish client UI, we tell PSH there are changes; if all publishing is done we should see success message. Go to http://cname/psh/publish.html and enter for ex. the following URL as per attached:

  7. We check the feed subscription using feed manager, which in our case is used to display the feed. Now we can see new post is pushed into the subscription.