Set Up PubSubHub? to use WebID? Protocol / IP based control lists

The following Guide demonstrates how to subscribes to the publications:


Access Control Lists by IP

Creating PSH Virtual Directory

Testing the WebID Protocol ACLs

  1. Open the subscription demo client UI via HTTPS: in our example this would be:

  2. As result at this step you will be asked to give a certificate:
    • Select the certificate for which WebID? we have registered in PSH-SSL ACL to be allowed.

  3. In the "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" shown form enter:
    1. Callback: (the subscriber URL): your host subscribe URL. In our example it it: ;
    2. Topic type: Feed ;
    3. Topic: the URL you have registered in PSH ACL from above. In our example it is: :

  4. Click "Subscribe".
  5. As result should be shown "Success" message:

  6. Next we try other certificate, or even w/o certificate.
    • Note: To manage Firefox to get new certificate you should restart your browser first.
    • Then we repeat the same steps above but with difference that we use other certificate

    • In this case when we trying to subscribe we will get 'Access denied' error: