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    What is ODS-Addressbook?

    A Web based contact management system.

    Why should I set up an Addressbook?

    Managing an Addressbook is a cool way of collecting contacts, either by creating them manually, or import via Briefcase upload or manual import from desired file with type vCard, FOAF or CSV.

    How is my Addressbook organized?

    You can unlimited number of contacts and edit, delete or share them to other users. Also you can import contacts from your local filesystem, WebDAV? or from LDAP Servers. Already created contacts can be exported in a desired file format. Search among the existing contacts is available in simple and advanced form.

    What is a tag and can I add tag(s) to contacts?

    A tag works like a keyword. You can tag a contact with several tags separated by commas.

    Example: tags for the contact you have created with name "Kingsley Idehen" could be: President, CEO

    You can add tag(s) when importing contact(s) or to already created such. Having many tags helps to have your contact(s) be found more easily, but fewer tags also help you with organizing your contacts.

    Does one have to register with ODS Addressbook to view my Contact(s)?

    Your contact(s) can be viewed by any internet user if you have created your Addressbook instance with visibility set to "Public".

    Can I personalize my Addressbook?

    Yes, you can personalize your Addressbook. From "Preferences" you can set contact name display length, show toolbar labels, set rows shown per page, or choose the Atom version to be supported.

    How can I view my Addressbook contact(s)?

    In order to view you Addressbook contact(s), you should click the "View" link next to your contact(s). As result the information will be shown devided in 4 tabs: Personal, Contact, Home and Business.

    Does Addressbook support SyncML synchronization?

    Yes. ODS Addressbook supports synchronization to DAV SyncML? folder and back. See this example scenario how to sync my contacts to DAV location using SyncML?.

    How can subscribe to URL accessible Addressbook files?

    You can subscribe to URL accessible Addressbook files using the Addressbook Subscription feature. More details and sample scenario you can find here.

    How can I publish my Addressbook contacts?

    You can publish Addressbook contacts using the Addressbook Publications feature. More details and sample scenario you can find here.

    What Web Services are supported?

    Detailed information for the UI endpoint and wsdl location you can find here.

    Can I share my Contacts?

    Yes. ODS Addressbook offers sharing feature within the ODS registered users. For more information and sample scenario see here.

    How can I import contacts in my Addresbook?

    You can import contacts using the Import feature or using SyncML? synchronization. For more details and simple scenario see here.

    How can I export contacts from my Addresbook?

    You can export contacts using the Export feature. For more details and simple scenario see here.

    What Addressbook ubiquity commands are supported?

    A full list and examples of Addressbook ubiquity commands you can find here.

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