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    ODS Bookmark Manager Getting Started


    1. Virtuoso Server has been installed and is running
    2. ODS and other ODS Applications including Weblog and Bookmark Manager have been successfully installed
    3. Register a new ODS account or login as DBA or DAV account

    Log in to ODS and Create your Bookmark Manager Instance

    1. Log in to ODS as DAV, DBA, or your own ODS user, at the following URL: http://localhost:8890/ods/
    2. Select the Bookmarks tab from the ODS Bar
    3. Select the "Create New" Link
    4. Enter your Bookmark Manager name and URL, and click the button labeled "Create and Launch Application", which will set up the new Bookmark Manager instance.

    Adding Bookmarks

    Once you have created your Bookmark Manager instance, you can started adding your bookmarks.

    1. In the Navigational Toolbar, click the ICON above the label "New Bookmark"
    2. In the form provided enter the Name for your bookmark, the Link (URL), tags (optional), a brief description, and create a new folder or select from a list of folders in the pull down list
    3. Once you have entered the above information, click the "Save" Button which will save your bookmark.

    Viewing Bookmarks

    1. In the left folder tree menu, expand the folder containing your bookmark and click on the folder name to view your bookmarks.
    2. In the right panel, click the highlighted bookmark you want to view. Once clicked the link contained in your save, bookmark will be presented.
    3. To return to Bookmark manager, click your browser's back button.

    Bookmark Manager Interface Overview

    The annotated graphic below provides a visual guide covering the various elements that make up the bookmark manager user interface. (Click for larger image.)


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