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    Guide to Profile Administration using Third Party Languages

    This guide covers the development of alternative ODS User Profile Management interfaces using programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, VSP, JSP, or ASPX. Fundamentally, this effort is about RESTful interaction with the relevant ODS Profile Space controllers.

    1. Resource location: The sample pages are located in the 'users' folder within your ODS installation.
    2. Endpoint: http://[host]:[port]/ods/users/[programming-lang]/[file].[extension]
    3. Components:
      • users_api.sql : ODS User Management Controller covering login, logout, registration, etc.
      • oid_login.vsp : OpenID? login and registration implementation
      • css/users.css : Cascading Stylesheet
      • js/users.js : Common Javascript Functions
      • js/oid_login.js : OpenID? login or registration functions
    4. After installation of the ODS-Framework VAD, a new ODBC DSN, Local Virtuoso Demo, is automatically created for ODBC-based communication with the host Virtuoso instance.

    Sample Alternative ODS User Profile Admin Pages


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