Briefcase Programmers Guide WebServices?

SOAP & WSDL & REST based

Purpose: Provide Briefcase resource browsing

ODS Briefcase Services UI Endpoint

The ODS Briefcase Services UI endpoint:


The ODS Briefcase Services wsdl endpoint:


Endpoint: http://host:port/dataspace/services/briefcase/services.wsdl

REST Requirements

  1. Browse the briefcase (GET to folder URI should give folder listing according to HTTP content negotiation.)
  2. PUT resources (WebDAV/ODS session authentication)
  3. POST changes to resource properties
    1. Owner, Group Owner
    2. Sharing (to whom)
    3. UNIX-style Access flags
    4. Data type/other metadata
    5. Tags (through tags API , using the resource URI)
    6. Annotation (through annotation API, using the resource URI)
  4. DELETE with normal semantics
  5. GET with content negotiation
  6. BROWSE resource metadata with GET requests

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