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    ODS Weblog Upstreaming

    Using Atom Protocol

    Sample example

    • Suppose that there is user test1 registered on myopenlink.net:8890/ods, and this user has test1-blog-0 weblog instance created there.
    1. Login at http://host:port/ods
    2. Go to the Weblog tab from the ODS main navigation
    3. Click the "Create new" link.
    4. Click the "Create and Launch Application" button.
    5. As result you will be redirected to the weblog instance home page.
    6. Click "New post" link from the Weblog Main navigation.
    7. In the shown form enter for title: test upstreaming and for the post body enter: this simple test.
    8. Click the button "Post".
    9. Go to Settings->Upstreams.
    10. In the shown form enter:
      1. For field "Hostname": myopenlink.net
      2. For field "Port": 80
      3. For field "Endpoint": /Atom/test1-blog-0 or /GData/test1-blog-0
      4. for field "Username": test1
      5. for fields "Password" and "Retype Password": 1
      6. for "API type" choose: Atom
    11. Click the Fetch button for the field "Select Blog"
    12. As result is found 1 blog with Atom Post URL: http://myopenlink.net:80/GData/test1-blog-0
    13. Click the Select button for it.
    14. Enter for "Start Date": 2006-12-14 and click its check-box.
    15. Enter for frequency: 5
    16. Click the "Add" button.
    17. Go to Upstreaming log.
    18. As result will be shown the post "test upstreaming" with status "Pending"
    19. After a while this post will be shown with status "Sent".
    20. Go to http://myopenlink.net/weblog/test1/
    21. As result the post "test upstreaming" will be shown shown at the myopenlink.net test1's Weblog weblog instance home page.