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    ODS Feed Manager

    The Internet boasts literally hundreds of thousands weblogs, websites, on-online magazines, news groups and news papers that are updated with the latest news, opinions, reviews and information that effects our daily lives. News and information changes fast so visiting all of the news web sites and blogs every day can become time consuming especially as the number of information sources increases coupled by our interest. Even as a casual reader, just try to remember which blogs or web sites you want to revisit by looking through your browsers history or clicking on your saved bookmarks only to discover that the site you were on has been updated or the link has changed.

    Instead of daily visits to these sites, we could get an email notification of updates for those sites that offer this option or we could subscribe to services that scan web site updates and send out alerts when the site has changed. However, we end up with too many messages for emails clients that are already over burdened; messages may get deleted or filtered due to the increase of SPAM or end up not reaching their final destination due to viruses.

    Fortunately, a number of these web sites and content providers offer RSS. Using an RSS feed-reader or news aggregators allows you to view news from multiple sources, summarize news content in a compact format and helps you keep track of your favorite websites and blogs by simply adding the site's feed to your list of subscriptions removing the need to visit these site on a regular basis.

    Use Cases


    Feed Readers like ODS Feed Manager allow you to subscribe and receive syndicated feed sources in a number of formats including RSS, Atom, OPML and OCS. Feed Manager lets you keep up-to-date with blogs and websites by simply reviewing the feeds collected through your subscriptions. You can quickly scan any blog posts or news headlines, then choose the articles you want to read which allows you to consume more information and save time instead of wading through web sites or scanning on-line newspapers.

    Syndicated headlines are also consolidated in the ODS Framework in a way that's easy to scan periodically throughout the day on the ODS Home and personal pages where you and other members can view headlines.


    A number of corporations today are incorporating RSS feeds on their web sites as well as internal systems as an alternative to traditional email due to the increase of SPAM and viruses.

    For corporations sending reports, promotions and newsletters RSS feeds provides an attractive and secure alternative and gives way to increased visibility for external communications and distribute information to interested parties both inside and outside the firewall that was once obscured by email. Feeds promote the structure of content so that search engines like Google can scan for keywords and discover related content as a means of advertising and getting the word out for product announcements and promotions.

    Using ODS Feed Manager, customers and employees who were once inundated by email can control the flow of the information being sent and how they want to view it.

    Internal Feeds
    External Feeds

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