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    OpenLink? Data Spaces


    ODS gives you a full range of common web applications that you can host yourself. It frees you from dependence on a myriad of separate and non-integrated hosted applications and gives you control on how you appear to the web and semantic web. ODS can be used for setting up hosted services, for corporate intra and extranets or run on your PC as a privately hosted point of presence.

    ODS is more than an integrated suite of common web applications. It is the basis for a web presence that covers conventional content for human consumption such as blogs as well as exposes the same content for the semantic web. ODS offers all standard feed formats, RSS, ATOM, FOAF and more where meaningful, all ODS data support tagging and are searchable via a common interface, supporting text as well as tags.

    The next release of ODS will feature SPARQL? and URIQA access to all data that users choose to make publicly available.

    Application Components

    • ODS-Framework - OpenID and Yadis compliant Framework for building Distributed Collaborative Applications that are equipped with Single-Sign-On (SSO) funcitonality and auto-generated RDF Data Spaces
    • ODS-Weblog - Comprehensive blogging platform that support all the major publishing protocols (Atom, Moveable Type, Meta Weblog, and Blogger) and includes automatic generation of content syndication gems that support RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, SIOC, OPML, OCS, and others
    • ODS-Briefcase - WebDAV? based Unified Storage Solution that incorporates automated metadata extraction and management
    • ODS-Feed-Manager - RSS 1.0, 2.0, Atom, OPML, OCS Feed Aggregator
    • ODS-Wiki - Wiki Platform that support the Atom Publishing Protocol alongside Twiki and Wikimedia markup
    • ODS-Mail - Web based Email Client
    • ODS-Calendar - Calendar Manager
    • ODS-Bookmark-Manager - Shared Bookmark Manager
    • ODS-Gallery - Photo & General Image Sharing
    • ODS-Polls - Polls Manager
    • ODS-Addressbook - Addressbook Manager
    • ODS-Discussion - Conversation / Discussion Management that also provides Conversation/Comment/Discussion management services to all of the ODS-* applications
    • ODS-Community - Group/Community Mode service for all of the ODS-* applications

    What are Data Spaces?

    Data Spaces are a new database management technology frontier that deals with the virtualization of heterogeneous data and data sources via a plethora of data access protocols.

    As Unified Data Stores, Data Spaces also provide solid foundation for knowledge creation, processing, and dissemination; a making them a natural foundation platform for the emerging Data-Web (Semantic Web - Layer 1).


    ODS is a platform for cost-effective generation of points of Semantic Web Presence from Web 2.0 applications.

    Standards and Protocols

    Query Service Support

    ODS supports a number of Query Services:

    • GData
    • OpenSearch
    • XQuery/XPath over HTTP
    • Full Text Search over HTTP
    • SPARQL?
    Publishing Protocol Support

    ODS supports the following publishing protocols:

    • GData
    • ATOM 1.0
    • Moveable Type
    • MetaWeblog
    • Blogger

    Getting Started

    ODS comes with the Virtuoso Open Source 4.5.3 edition. If you are running the server with the demo database, just point the browser to http://localhost:8890/ods . See Setting up ODS for the needed configuration steps for getting full functionality.

    Learn More

    Check out our Blog Data Space in action by visiting the Virtuoso Technology Blog