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    ODS Polls FAQ


    What is Polls?

    ODS-Polls is an easy manager for creating, managing and voting on poll(s). By specifying visibility of the Polls instance to Public, you can set your polls to be visible for everyone.

    Why should I set up a poll?

    Voting to poll is a cool way to collect statistical information about interests, different topics you may want to find what other people's opinion is.

    How is my poll organized?

    Polls can be single- or multi-answered. Depending on this, after you have entered the desired questions and answers, you may want to preview your Poll.

    When the Poll is created, in order people to be able to vote, it should be activated. For security reasons you are not able to edit Poll when it is activated.

    What is a tag?

    A tag works like a keyword. You can tag a poll with several tags separated by commas.

    Example: tags for the poll you have created with name "Virtuoso" could be: RDF, SPARQL, SQL.

    Having many tags helps to have your polls be found more easily, but fewer tags also help you with organizing your polls.

    Does one have to register with ODS Polls to view my Poll?

    Your poll can be viewed by any internet user if you have created your Polls instance with visibility set to "Public".

    Can I personalize my poll?

    Yes, you can personalize your poll. From "Preferences" you can set polls name display length, show toolbar labels, set rows shown per page, or choose the Atom version to be supported.

    How can I view my poll's results?

    In order to view you poll's results, you should click the "result" link next to your poll. As result will be shown diagram with the results with additional information in percents division for the respective given answers.

    What Polls ubiquity commands are supported?

    A full list and examples of Polls ubiquity commands you can find here.

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