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    For VOSIndex (VOS public front page)

    This page lists ODS related changes to the VOS wiki.

    For VIRTNAV Navigation Bar

    ODS Applications?

    For VOSDownload

    Add to end of page. See that the file names are right and all are listed. See from make install vad dir.

    OpenLink? Data Spaces

    The source for ODS is bundled in the Virtuoso source tree. If you are running a binary distribution, you can download the ready made ODS VAD package files here.
    • ODS Framework (ods_dav.vad)
    • ODS Blog (blog_dav.vad)
    • ODS Briefcase (briefcase_dav.vad)

    See Getting Started with ODS? for instructions.

    The below goes on VOSRDF, at the bottom

    DAV Metadata Access via SPARQL? All public readable WebDAV? resources have their metadata presented as a SPARQL queriable graph.

    the below goes below the Articles link

    • OpenLink Data Spaces? Application Suite

    The below goes at the head of the news. on VOSIndex, also to VOSNews

    Announcing OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS)?

    ODS is a suite of Virtuoso applications for creating and maintaining modern web presence. It includes Social Networking, Weblog Platform, File Sharing, Wiki Platform, RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0, and RSS 1.1 Content Aggregation Platform and more.

    ODS has been development to provide and a coherent nexus for Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web (also known as Data Web). All ODS application Data Spaces can be queried via Google's GData protocol. All Data Space front-end pages offer RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, and RSS 1.1 (RSS-RDF) content syndication feeds, FOAF (for individual Data Space insights covering data and social networks), VCard , XBEL and other standard data interchange formats where applicable.

    ODS also offers application data browsing via WebDAV?, making the your data universe also viewable as a file system in the form of a URI-addressable and mountable tree (viewable via WebDAV? aware clients). A later release will add SPARQL access to application data.

    Announcing Virtuoso Open Source Edition 4.5.3

    This update of Virtuoso adds support for the OpenLink Data Spaces applications suite, now bundled into the source tree.

    Metadata? of resources stored in Virtuoso's WebDAV? repository is now queriable with SPARQL. There are updates to tutorials and demos plus bug fixes.

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