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    What's It?

    This page is referenced by all category pages. Click Ref-by to list all of them. To learn more about idea of categories, read http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CategoryCategory

    Categorization of Wiki Content

    All pages should be tagged with the categories corresponding to the products (UDA, Virtuoso, iODBC), functionality realms (Blog, Gallery, Admin), subsystems (SPARQL, SQL, RDF), etc., being discussed.

    Additionally, the function of the document relative to the subject matter (e.g., Spec, Documentation, Plan) must be indicated.

    This forms a matrix of function x product, where multiple products and functions may sometimes be covered by one page. Thus, searching for `CategoryVirtuoso CategoryQAReport` should deliver a list of (only) Virtuoso-related QA Reports.

    Create new categories as appropriate -- but please always keep the Category Word singular (i.e., CategoryModule not CategoryModules?; CategoryCategory not CategoryCategories?).

    Document Function

    CategorySpec Any specification, no matter the level of detail covered.
    CategoryPlan Any schedule, roadmap, project plan, task assignment document or similar.
    CategoryQA Any QA checklist or report. QA Reports get their own.
    CategoryQAReport Any QA checklist or report. QA Reports get their own.
    CategoryCompetition Any review or commentary or list of competitive products. The paper should be categorized additionally with the Virtuoso or UDA product categories to which the competition applies.
    CategoryDocumentation Anything that documents a finished piece of functionality. Is not applied to the actual wiki version of the documentation since this is outside of the main cluster.
    CategoryReport Any report concerning work performed (except Weekly and QA Reports)
    CategoryMarketing Any planned or actual marketing material, press material or such.
    CategoryProduct Any page that is an index of pages related to a particular product. One page of CategoryProduct sort per every product listed in Bugzilla, but no more.
    CategoryModule Any page that is an index of pages related to a particular module of a big program. One page of CategoryModule sort per every module of every product listed in Bugzilla, but no more.

    Document Subject Matter

    The subject matter of the spec/report/document is marked by one or more of the following:

    CategoryUDA General wiki nodes pertaining to product, be they documentation, meeting minutes, specs, QA, or whatever.
    CategoryVirtuoso General documents touching on all aspects of the product or a large section of the product. Applies to general roadmaps or general marketing material.
    CategoryCaseStudy Customer Case Studies
    CategoryCustomers? New and Existing Customers
    CategoryDET DAV extension type - Occurs together with the application category to which this applies, e.g. CategoryBlog.
    CategoryDAV DAV, see VirtWebDAV? for a brief list of documents.
    CategoryDataCenter Application clustering.
    CategoryLeads Business Development Target
    CategoryProspects? Business Development Opportunity
    CategorySocialNetwork Any SN documents.
    CategorySuspects Business Development Potential
    CategoryTagging Automatic or explicit tagging of content.
    CategoryWebAd OpenLinkVirtuoso? applications as advertising platforms, unobtrusive advertising, ad booking, any discussion of advertising support on OpenLinkVirtuoso? apps.
    CategoryENews OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: eNews
    CategoryOMail? OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: oMail
    CategoryODrive? OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: oDrive
    CategoryBlog OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: Blog
    CategoryOWiki? OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: oWiki
    CategoryODSBookmarks? OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: ODS-Bookmarks
    CategoryConductor OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: Conductor
    CategoryBandoneon OpenLinkVirtuoso? application: Bandoneon
    CategoryWA? Web Applications - all product subsystem/application categories from Bugzilla. See lists in CategoryProduct.
    CategoryObsolete Obsolete information - specs, mockups, documentation rendered obsolete by new development or other changed circumstance.


    CategorySupport OpenLink? Technical Support
    CategoryMarketing OpenLink? Marketing
    CategorySales OpenLink? Sales
    CategorySoftwareDevelopment? OpenLink? Software Development
    CategoryProfessionalService? OpenLink? Professional Services

    KBASE Document Subject Matter

    OPIE and the KBASE
    CategoryOPIE OpenLink? Product Information Expert
    CategoryEmployeeCenter OPIE-resident staff pages, for Support Case handling and otherwise
    OpenLink? product
    CategoryCompetitiveAdvantage OpenLink? product competive advantages
    CategoryConfiguration OpenLink? product configuration
    CategoryConfigFile? OpenLink? product configuration files, i.e., openlink.sh, openlink.ini, oplrqb.ini, and so on
    CategoryDemoApplication OpenLink? product demos, e.g., iodbctest (formerly odbctest), JDBC applets and applications
    CategoryDownload OpenLink? product download process
    CategoryEnvironmentVariable? OpenLink? product environment variables
    CategoryFileFormat? OpenLink? product file formats
    CategoryFileName? OpenLink? product file names
    CategoryProductCapability OpenLink? product features and functionality
    CategoryGlossary OpenLink? product glossary
    CategoryCompatibility OpenLink? product (in)compatibility -- Up- and down-ward vs database and operating system versions; and among various OpenLink? components and versions
    CategoryInstallation OpenLink? product installation
    CategoryLicensing OpenLink? product licenses
    CategoryPrerequisite OpenLink? product prerequisites
    CategoryUninstall? OpenLink? product removal
    CategoryService? OpenLink? product services that need to be started and maintained (e.g., Request Broker, Broker Admin Assistant, License Manager, etc.)
    CategoryUpgrade? OpenLink? product upgrades
    OpenLink? partners
    CategoryPartner OpenLink? business partners
    CategoryP21 OpenLink? Partner: Prophet 21, a/k/a P21, Progress DBMS reseller, OpenLink? OEM
    CategoryMFGPRO OpenLink? Partner: MFGPRO, Progress DBMS reseller, OpenLink? OEM
    CategoryPS OpenLink? Professional Services
    DBMS Engines
    CategoryIngres DBMS: CA Ingres and OpenIngres?
    CategoryFileMaker DBMS: FileMaker? Pro
    CategoryFoxPro DBMS: FoxPro?
    CategoryDB2 DBMS: IBM DB2
    CategoryInformix DBMS: IBM Informix
    CategoryAccess DBMS: Microsoft Access
    CategoryMSSQLServer DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server
    CategoryMySQL DBMS: MySQL?
    CategoryOracle DBMS: Oracle
    CategoryOtherDatabase? DBMS: Databases for which OpenLink? does not build specific database agents, e.g., DBASE, Paradox, Btrieve, MS Access, FileMaker? Pro, etc.
    CategoryPostgreSQL DBMS: PostgreSQL?
    CategoryProgress DBMS: Progress
    CategorySybase DBMS: Sybase
    Client applications
    CategoryApplication? Client Application (ODBC): Any commercial client application (e.g., Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access)
    CategoryBrio Client Application (ODBC): Brio
    CategoryBusinessObjects Client Application (ODBC): Business Objects
    CategoryImpromptu Client Application (ODBC): Cognos Impromptu
    CategoryColdFusion Client Application (JDBC): ColdFusion?
    CategoryCrystalReports Client Application (ODBC): Crystal Reports
    CategoryDreamWeaver Client Application (ODBC): DreamWeaver?
    CategoryFileMaker Client Application (ODBC): FileMaker? Pro
    CategoryAccess Client Application (ODBC): Microsoft Access
    CategoryExcel Client Application (ODBC): Microsoft Excel and MSQUERY
    CategoryMSProject Client Application (ODBC): Microsoft Project
    CategoryDTSWizard Client Application (OLE DB): Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS)
    CategoryLinkedServer? Client Application (OLE DB): Microsoft SQL Server Linked Servers
    CategoryOdbctest Client Application (ODBC): OpenLink? iodbctest (formerly odbctest)
    CategoryJDBCBench Client Application (JDBC): OpenLink? JDBC Bench
    CategoryODBCBench Client Application (ODBC): OpenLink? ODBC Bench
    CategoryODBCScan Client Application (ODBC): OpenLink? ODBC Scan
    CategoryHSODBC Client Application (ODBC): Oracle Heterogeneous Services for Generic Data Sources
    CategoryPowerbuilder Client Application (ODBC): Powerbuilder
    Driver Managers
    CategoryiODBC Driver Manager (ODBC): iODBC
    CategoryUnixODBC Driver Manager (ODBC): UnixODBC?
    CategoryJDBCODBCBridge Driver: OpenLink? ODBC Bridge for JDBC Clients, a/k/a OpenLink? JDBC Driver for ODBC Data Sources
    CategoryODBCJDBCBridge Driver: OpenLink? JDBC Bridge for ODBC Clients, a/k/a OpenLink? ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources
    CategoryODBCODBCBridge Driver: OpenLink? ODBC Bridge for ODBC Clients, a/k/a OpenLink? ODBC Driver for ODBC Data Sources
    CategoryMultiTier Driver: OpenLink? Multi-Tier (all)
    CategoryRelinking Driver: OpenLink? Multi-Tier: Relinking database agents
    CategorySecurity Driver: OpenLink? Multi-Tier: Session Rules, SSL, and other security topics
    CategoryGenericODBCProduct? Driver: OpenLink? ODBC Bridges (Single-Tier and Multi-Tier; ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB/ADO.NET Clients)
    CategorySingleTier Driver: OpenLink? Single-Tier (all)
    CategoryDAO API: Microsoft Data Access Objects
    CategoryODBCAPICall? API: ODBC
    Data Access Mechanisms
    CategoryJDBC Data Access Mechanism: JDBC
    CategoryJDBCType1 Data Access Mechanism: JDBC Type 1 or "JDBC-ODBC" Bridge connectivity
    CategoryJDBCType2 Data Access Mechanism: JDBC Type 2 connectivity
    CategoryJDBCType3 Data Access Mechanism: JDBC Type 3 or "DSN-Less" connectivity
    CategoryJDBCType4 Data Access Mechanism: JDBC Type 4 or "Native" connectivity
    CategoryODBC Data Access Mechanism: ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
    CategoryOLEDB Data Access Mechanism: OLE DB
    CategoryUDBC Data Access Mechanism: UDBC (Universal Database Connectivity, OpenLink?-proprietary, deprecated)
    Operating Systems
    CategoryTru64 Operating system: Compaq Tru64 (now merging with Digital UNIX, also known as OSF)
    CategoryDataGeneral Operating system: Data General, DG/UX
    CategoryFreeBSD Operating system: FreeBSD?
    CategoryHP Operating system: HP/UX
    CategoryAIX Operating system: IBM AIX
    CategoryLinux Operating system: Linux (any variant)
    CategoryMacClassic Operating system: Mac Classic (Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, System 7, etc.)
    CategoryMacOSX Operating system: Mac OS X (Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, etc.)
    CategorySCOOpenServer Operating system: SCO OpenServer? 5.x
    CategorySCOUnixware Operating system: SCO Unixware 7
    CategoryIrix Operating system: SGI Irix
    CategorySolaris Operating system: Solaris (and Sun OS)
    CategoryUnix Operating system: Unix (any variant)
    CategoryVMS Operating system: VMS and OpenVMS? (Digital, Compaq, HP)
    CategoryWindows Operating system: Microsoft Windows
    Programming Languages
    CategoryC Programming Language: C
    CategoryCPP Programming Language: C++
    CategoryJAVA Programming Language: JAVA
    CategoryJSP Programming Language: JSP (Java Server Pages)
    CategoryPerl Programming Language: PERL
    CategoryPHP Programming Language: PHP
    CategoryVB Programming Language: Visual Basic
    CategoryRuby Programming Language: Ruby
    CategoryPython Programming Language: Python
    Not yet sub-categorized
    CategoryAdminAssistant OpenLink? Multi-Tier Request Broker Admin Assistant and HTTP-based OpenLink? ODBC Administrator (formerly known as the iODBC Administrator)
    CategoryAdvancedConfiguration Specialized DSN parameters such as SQL DBMS_NAME, OCIPrefetchRows, OCIPrefetchMemory, Multiplex sessions, Prepare Method, and so on
    CategoryBitFormat? Processor mode (16bit, 32bit, 64bit) issues
    CategoryClustering Load balancing and failover clustering
    CategoryCursors? Cursors
    CategoryDataDirect DataDirect? (and precursors Merant, Visigenic, Intersolv, etc.) products and issues
    CategoryDataMigration Data migration, via OpenLink? Virtuoso, Microsoft SQL Server DTS, Microsoft SQL Server Linked Servers, Oracle Heterogeneous Services, etc
    CategoryDataSourceName ODBC Data Source Names
    CategoryDataType? Data types
    CategoryDevelopment Articles of interest to developers who employ OpenLink? technologies
    CategoryDiagnosticApplication? Diagnostic applications, e.g., ASNPRINT, Microsoft's ODBCTest ("Gator"), OpenLink? ODBC Scan, etc.
    CategoryDiagnostic Diagnostic tips and techniques employed by OpenLink? consultants
    CategoryDOTNET Microsoft's .NET platform
    CategoryErrorMessage Specific error messages
    CategoryEvidence Evidence used to debug problems
    CategoryFAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    CategoryLINQ Language Integrated Query
    CategoryNeedsAssessment Process that OpenLink? consultants and evaluators embark on to identify products suitable to a solution
    CategoryNetworking TCP-related configuration and diagnostics
    CategoryOSResource? Patches, upgrades, kernel tuning parameters, memory, processor count, and other operating system resources that affect OpenLink? functionality
    CategoryPerformance Performance issues
    CategoryRDF Resource Description Framework
    CategoryRDFFramework RDF Frameworks
    CategorySQL Structured Query Language
    CategoryStability Stability. Topics include intermittent connection failures, intermittent query failures, timeouts, coredumps, and so on
    CategoryStoredProcedure? Stored procedures
    CategoryTableview Tableview files and configurations associated with the Progress DBMS
    CategoryTransactionIsolationLevel? Transaction isolation levels
    CategoryTransaction? Database transactions
    CategoryUnicode Unicode


    Currently just:

    CategoryWebSite reference the page as something to do with the website, preferably new upcoming versions thereof

    Rendering in Wiki

    The category name is a wiki word going to the category page. The category page will contain the description of the category as given above. Below this is output of a search for all pages having this category, sorted by revision date descending. For each page is given:

    • Revision date
    • Wiki word - Link to the page in question.
    • First title, if any
    • All other categories of the page in question, each link to the appropriate category page.

    Internal Reference / Misc

    CategoryDatasource? any page where the datasource attributes are listed for communal interest, tag it with this as well


    All authors of content should mark any relevant recent content entered by them according to these categories. Weekly reports are an exception since these can be found easily enough without. If the content is obsolete or otherwise of no interest it should not be marked with any category.

    CategoryCategory CategorySpec