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    ODS-Calendar WebID? Protocol Share Event to Group

    1. Make sure the initial steps from the ODS Calendar WebID Protocol Share Event Guide are performed.
    2. Additionally make sure you have created WebID Group for a given user ( for ex. demo).
    3. Set Group WebID? ACL Inheritance to be applied automatically to every new event you add in your Calendar or:
    4. Manually set the Group WebID? ACL by going for a given event in ODS-Calendar -> Events -> Event -> Edit -> Privacy "ACL" -> Sharing tab.
    5. In the "WebID? users" section click the "Add" button in order to add new WebID? and set respectively the desired rights.

    6. In the shown form:
      1. Select for "Access Type": Group
      2. Enter WebID? Protocol Group or selected it from the offered list:

      3. Set Web Access, for example by checking the (R)ead check-box.

      4. Click the "Update" button.
    7. Read here how to view the shared event.