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    ODS-Calendar WebID? Protocol Share Task

    1. Install ODS-Calendar VAD package.

    2. Go to http://cname:port/ods and register user, for ex. with name demo and password demo.
      • Note: you can also use an existing ODS user for the next steps

    3. Logged in as user demo, click the link "Calendar" from the left vertical navigation.

    4. Click the "New Task" icon from the main ODS-Calendar horizontal navigation or use the "Import" feature in order to add task(s) .

    5. Suppose a new Task with name "mytest" is created.
    6. The task should be shown in the list of Tasks for user demo.

    7. Click the "edit" link for the created task.
    8. The Main properties tab for the task should be shown.

    9. Set "Privacy" to "ACL":

    10. As result the "Sharing" tab will be shown. Go to it:

      • To share the task to a person, see details here.
      • To share the task to group of users, see details here.
      • To share the task to public, see details here.