Generate an X.509 Certificate (with a WebID? watermark) that's managed by host operating system keystore: Safari (on Mac OS X Only)

  1. Set up an X.509 certificate issuer and HTTPS listener.
  2. Set up X.509 Certificate Service.
  3. Go to the ODS home page (local or remote) and register new user (or log in as existing ODS user):

  4. Post registration you end up with an ODS generated Person Entity Identifier (an HTTP URI that Identifies "You") that takes the form:


  5. Edit your profile (Note: If this step is skipped, the resulting X.509 certificate will not have a human readable name):

  6. Go to Profile Edit -> "Security":

  7. Go to "Certificate Generator":

  8. Complete the certificate details for the user:

  9. Click "Submit Certificate Request" to generate the certificate.
  10. The Mac OS X key chain is automatically loaded with the new certificate loaded:

  11. The certificate is "untrusted" in the key chain by default and needs to be set to trusted by.
  12. Specify Certificate details:

  13. Right Click on the certificate name and select the "Get Info" item:

  14. Expand the tree of the "Trust" item on the left:

  15. Set the "when using this certificate" drop down to "Always trust":

  16. Enter the password for the user account to authorize the trust change in the key chain:

  17. Right click on the certificate again and select the "New Identity Preference" to the secure HTTP address of the ODS server for ex. and click "Add":

  18. Go to the "X.509 Certificates" tab of the ODS user account and click on the "Edit" button of the generated certificate:

  19. Select the "Enable Automatic WebID Login" checkbox and click "Save Certificate" to enable WebID? access of this user:

  20. Log out and access for ex.:
  21. Select when prompted from your browser, the certificate generated from above.
  22. The WebID? login for the selected user certificate will be presented to enable secure login:

  23. Perform an WebID based ACL Sharing of a resource to the user with the generated from above X.509 hosted WebID?.

Note: these steps apply to any ODS instance.