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    Setting Filter Rule associated with IMAP4 account

    The following example presents a simple scenario how to create ODS-Mail filter rule associated with IMAP4 account:

    1. Ensure ODS-Mail has been installed in your host ODS instance.
    2. Browse to your host ODS instance, http://<cname>[:<port>]/ods, e.g., http://id.myopenlink.net/ods/.
    3. Log in.
    4. Create ODS-Mail instance
    5. Add external IMAP4 account.
    6. Go to ODS-Mail -> Preferences -> Filters:

    7. Click "Create Filter":

    8. In the presented form enter respectively:
      • Name: for ex. MyIMAPFilter?;
      • Attach to IMAP account: select from the drop-down list an IMAP4 account added as per above to your ODS-Mail instance;
      • Criteria: Click Add and enter respectively "Field": "Subject"; "Condition": "contains substring"; "Value": for ex: Note
      • Commands: Click Add and enter respectively "Command": "Move To"; "Value": select from the drop-down list existing IMAP folder, for ex. with name "Notes":

    9. Click "Save".
    10. The created rule should be presented in the Filters list:

    11. See further details on how the created rule applies over the ODS-Mail messages.