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    Synchronizing Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP4 account store with ODS-Mail IMAP4 mapped instance

    This guide demonstrates how to use the synchronize IMAP4 account store in Mozilla Thunderbird with ODS-MAil instance with set IMAP4 account:

    1. Configure an external IMAP4 account in ODS-Mail for ex. for Google IMAP4 account with name ods.check.
    2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to File -> New -> Existing Mail Account:

    3. Enter the IMAP account name, e-mail and password:

    4. Click "Continue":

    5. Make sure "IMAP" check-box is selected. Click "Create Account"
    6. The IMAP4 Account should be created and displayed in the list of available mail accounts:

    7. Select your new IMAP4 Account name from the presented list and right-click go to "New Folder":

    8. Enter folder name, for ex: Notes:

    9. Click "Create Folder".
    10. The New folder should be presented in your IMAP4 account's folders tree:

    11. Go to ODS-Mail -> Preferences -> External Accounts and manually force get mail for the manually created from above IMAP4 account:

    12. Go to ODS-Mail-> Folders tree where the new IMAP4 folder "Notes" should appear in your IMAP4 account folders tree:

    13. Create filter for incoming messages containing "Notes" to be moved to the "Notes" IMAP4 folder.
    14. Send a mail message to the IMAP4 account with subject containing the string: "Note":

    15. In ODS-Mail go to Preferences -> External Accounts and get mail for you IMAP4 account:

    16. Go to your IMAP mapping folder. As result should be presented one new message in the "Notes" folder:

    17. Expand the "Notes" folder in order to view the new message arrived:


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