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    ODS-Mail Create WebID? Filter Rule Example

    The following example presents sample scenario how to create WebID? Filter rule in ODS-Mail:

    1. Go to http://cname:port/ods .
    2. Log in as ODS user.
    3. Set ODS-Mail Spam Filter.
    4. Go to ODS-Mail:

    5. Go to Preferences -> Filters

    6. Click "Create Filter"

    7. In the presented form:
      • Enter Name, for ex:

        My SMIME+WebID filter

      • Set "Apply filter when" with one of the following options:
        1. "Never";
        2. "Checking Mail";
        3. "Manually Run";
        4. "Checking Mail or Manually Run" (selected by default).
      • Set "Attach to IMAP account" in case the rule will be for set IMAP4 external account folder(s).
      • Set "Apply filter actions when":
        1. "all criteria are matched" or:
        2. "any of criteria is matched"
      • Click "Add" from the "Criteria" section and add either:
        1. For Field "Signed(Verified)" Condition "not equal to", with Value "Yes", or:
        2. For Field "Certificate - WebID?" Condition "not equal to", with Value the WebID?, for ex.: http://id.myopenlink.net/dataspace/person/demo#this :

      • Click "Add" from the "Commands" section and add:
        1. For Action: "Move To";
        2. For Value: "Spam" :

    8. Click "Save":

    9. See further details on how the created rules apply over the ODS-Mail messages.