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    ODS-Mail Evaluate SMIME + WebID? Support Guide

    The following guide presents steps how to evaluate the SMIME + WebID? ODS-Mail Support:

    SMIME + Web ID Generated Certificate

    • Make sure you have SMIME + WebID? Generated Certificate. You can follow these steps. So for ex. the Certificate to contain WebID?:


    Setting up the Filter

    Setting Up Your Mail client

    Your mail client should be set so the be able to send digitally signed messages using the generated from above SMIME+WebID? certificate. For example, if your mail client is Thunderbird Version 8.0 (on Windows XP):

    1. Select for Account->Settings->Security

    2. At "Digital Signing" section click "Select":
    3. Choose the generate from above certificate:

    4. Click "Ok"

    5. Hatch "Digitally sign messages (by default)"

    6. Click "Ok"
    7. Click "Write" button from the Thunderbird main horizontal navigation.
    8. Send a mail message to recipient the mail account you have added to ODS-Mail as External POP3/IMAP Account:

    Retrieve the SMIME+Web ID Signed Message in ODS-Mail

    1. In your ODS-Mail Dataspace go to Preferences-> External Accounts:

    2. Hatch the check-box shown in front of your added from above external POP3 account and click "Get Mail" in order to retrieve the new message(s) from this account.
    3. As result should be shown how many messages have been retrieved. In our example should be displayed New message(s): 1. This is the message we have sent from above from the Thunderbird mail client:

    4. Go to the external account's ODS Store folder:

    5. Click on the "Subject" column link for the new message containing our test from above.
    6. The message details will be displayed with information in the Option section for Signed ( Yes) and WebID? values:

    Check the Filter by Sending a Regular Message with No Digitally Signed In

    1. Go to your other Mail client (for ex. Thunderbird) and select for your regular account->Settings-> Security:

    2. In "Digital Singing" click "Clear"

    3. Click "Ok"
    4. Send a regular mail message to the external account you have added in ODS-Mail as per above:

    5. From ODS-Mail->Preferences->External Accounts retrieve the new message for your external POP3 account:

    6. Go to the external account's ODS Store folder.
    7. As result will be shown the external POP3 Account folder, but no new messages will be shown. Instead, the Spam folder will show indication for 1 new message:

    8. Go to the SPAM folder:

    9. As result the regular message we have sent from above will be shown. Click its Subject or From links in order to view its details: