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    Configure Virtuoso+ODS instance as an X.509 Certificate Authority and HTTPS listener

    Configure an HTTPS Listener for handling HTTPS requests from HTTP user agents (clients)

    1. Install Conductor VAD package.
    2. Go to the http://cname:port/conductor URL, enter the DBA user credentials.

    3. Go to System Admin->Security:

    4. Enter the Issuer details and click Generate:

    5. Click Configure HTTPS Listeners:

    6. Edit the new listener, and click "Generate New" key:

    7. Click Save:

    8. Additionally, the generated for the Virtuoso HTTPS endpoint Web Server Certificate will be listed in the "Cryptographic Keys" section in user "dba" properties form at System Admin -> Users Accounts ->Users -> "dba" -> "Edit":

    Configure an HTTPS Listener for ODS Endpoints

    1. Suppose the steps from above are performed and also is installed ODS Framework VAD package.
    2. Go to Conductor -> Security -> Configure HTTPS Listeners
    3. Click Configure ODS Endpoints:

    4. Click "Create New Endpoint":

    5. Enter the home path for ODS, and save.
    6. The new endpoint should be created:

    7. Go to the HTTPS site, e.g., https://cname:port/ods; in our example, https://localhost:4433/ods/. If Firefox is used, it will complain that the certificate is not valid, so we must register the site's certificate.

    8. In Firefox certificate manager, Site's certificates add an exception: Firefox Tools -> Options -> View Certificates -> Servers -> Add Exception,

    9. Confirm exception.