Setting Up WebID? ACL for ODS Feed Manager Dataspace Instance

  1. Go to http://cname/ods
  2. Register ODS user.
  3. Click "Feed Manager".
  4. As result a new Feed Manager instance will be created with owner the logged in ODS user.
    • Note: ODS creates by default every instance for the supported Dataspace types with the following settings:
      1. Member model: Closed;
      2. Not Visible to public;
      3. Visible to member list;
    • You may want to change these settings by going to Application Settings -> Application Management and the click "Edit" (from Action column) for the desired instance:

  5. Go to Application Settings -> Applications Management

  6. Click "Members" from "Actions" column for the logged in ODS user.

  7. Click "Add"
  8. Specify "Access Type":