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    ODS Wiki Cluster Settings

    From your ODS Wiki instance UI-> Cluster Settings you can perform different customizations.

    Tab Preferences

    1. Virtual Host Settings
      1. Index Page: When creating a new ODS Wiki instance, the main Wiki article is created with the name "WelcomeVisitors". From the Index page you can change this name.
    2. Look and Feel
      1. Primary Skin: You can choose from the list box among predefined templates. For reference see ODS wiki templates.
      2. Secondary Skin and VHost Regular Expression: you can set your wiki instance to have a different view when accessed via a particular URL. In this case your you need to choose the other skin in Secondary Skin and write a regular expression to match the URL when it's used.
      3. Example: you may have a wiki instance MyWiki accessible through both http://myopenlink.net/me/wiki/MyWiki/ and http://myopenlink.net:8890/me/wiki/MyWiki/. Choose 'default' for 'Primary Skin' and 'OpenLink' for 'Secondary Skin', and write ':8890' in the text field 'VHost Regular Expression'. Now try to browse your wiki using each of the URLs.
    3. Syntax
      1. Compatibility: Set your preferable wiki markup. Currently ODSWiki supports oWiki, MediaWiki and CreoleWiki

    Tab Templates

    1. New Topic: If you want some text to be included in all articles, enter it in this text-area. As result it will appear in every new article you further create in that cluster (wiki instance), except for category topic.
    2. New Category: If you want some text to be included in all category topics (articles), enter it in this text-area.

    Tab Integration

    1. del.icio.us integration: You may have an account in delicious, so if you switch on this feature, all articles containing category names will be bookmarked in your space in del.icio.us and the category names will be added as tags.
      1. Import categories: If checked then for your tags in delicious corresponding category topics will be created in your wiki instance.
    2. Mail Integration: If checked then for each article a mail account will be created and added to the article as relevant link. To enable this feature you need to have the ods_webmail_dav.vad package installed.
    3. Technorati integration: allows you to subscribe to the Technorati cosmos and quickly get context information on news and events of the day (using TECHNORATI:COSMOS and TECHNORATI:TAG macros)
    4. Conversation (NNTP Integration): transparent integration with NNTP based Discussion Platform for Wiki article discussions. To enable this feature you need to have the ods_discussions_dav.vad package installed.
      1. When this feature is enabled, for every article you can click the "Conversations" link and post your comments. As result you can view them also from ODS->Discussions->[your Wiki instance shown as Newsgroup].

    Tab Upstreams

    1. Upstream Configuration: if you want to make a mirror of your articles to some other wiki instance you specify it in a upstream:
      1. Name: the name of the upstream;
      2. URL: the remote ODSWiki Atom endpoint for the target wiki instance;
      3. User: the name of user with write permissions on the target wiki instance;
      4. Password: the password of that user.
    2. The changes you make to the articles in the current wiki instance are automatically mirrored (transferred) every 5 minutes to the instances declared in the upstreams. If some error occurs during upstreaming, it will be shown in the error log entries by clicking the "Edit" button for the relevant upstream. Immediate upstreaming is performed from the link "Upstream now" at the bottom of the article's view page.


    Tab Security

    1. Security Configuration
      1. Inline Macros - if checked you can insert in your article the result of inline defined procedure. For example:

        <?inline {declare x any; x := 'result of Virtuoso PL code executed'; http (x, ss123456789); } ?>

      2. Inter Cluster Autolinks - if checked macro MAIN:DASHBOARD returns all clusters in the ODS, if not returns only the current one.


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