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    Weblog Publishing Platform

    ODS-Weblog provides a sophisticated platform for editing and publishing of Weblogs.

    Feature Highlights

    Content Publishing Protocols Support

    • Moveable Type
    • Blogger (1.0 & 2.0)
    • Meta Weblog
    • Atom

    Content Syndication Formats

    • RSS 1.0
    • RSS 2.0 (including variations from Yahoo! and Apple)
    • Atom
    • OPML
    • OCS
    • SIOC
    • FOAF
    • XBEL

    Content Management

    • CSS & (X)HTML based Page Templating
    • WYSIWYG editor (includes Preview and Save-as-Draft functions)
    • Archiving - by year, month, category
    • Sophisticated Comment Engine - includes OpenID? support and transparent integration with NNTP
    • Enclosures support for multimedia casting (Podcasts and Videocasts)
    • Keyword-driven rules engine for automated content-categorization and tagging
    • Automatically generated Linkblogs and Summary Pages (for outbound link automation)
    • Search - Free Text, GData, SPARQL, XQuery, and XPath
    • Automatic generation of syndication gems (ATOM, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, XBEL, OpenSearch?) for all Search and Query result sets
    • Microformats support - RDFa, eRDF, XFN, hReview, and others
    • Mobile Blogging for Mobile phones acting as Blog clients

    3rd Party Integration via web Services

    • Automatic pinging of 3rd party services such as: weblogs.com, technorati.com, pingthesemanticweb.com, and others
    • Import and Export integration with shard bookmarking services such as del.icio.us
    • Automatic synchronization with third party (and other ODS Weblog instances) via rules-based upstreaming


    • Community / Group authored blogs include oles- based security across various profile
    • Access-control - Blog readership is controllable via Access Control Lists (ACLs)

    How Do I ...?


    Quick Start Guides

    Weblog Tutorials

    Reference Guides

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