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    Using SyncML? with ODS-Calendar

    ODS-Calendar now supports synchronization to DAV SyncML folder and back.


    Make sure the following packages are installed:

    1. ods_framework_dav.vad
    2. ods_calendar_dav.vad
    3. syncml_dav.vad

    Sample Scenario

    1. Go to http://<host>:<port>/ods
    2. Log in.
    3. Click the Briefcase link in the left navigation bar.
    4. Your DAV/home/<ods-user> folder will be displayed:

    5. Click New Folder.

    6. Create a regular folder; for this example, named mysync:

    7. Go to the new mysync folder:

    8. Click again New Folder.
    9. Name this folder calendar, and specify the Folder type as SyncML folder:

    10. Go to the new displayed "SyncML?" tab:

    11. Specify the SyncML? version and type, for ex.:1.1 and vcalendar 11, respectively.

    12. Click "Create".
    13. The created folder should be displayed in the list of available resources for the mysync folder:

    14. Click Calendar in the left navigation bar.
    15. Your ODS-Calendar instance will be loaded, and automatically created if you don't have one yet:

      • In case of new created ODS-Calendar instance, create several events and/or tasks.
    16. Go to Import/Export:

    17. Select Manage SyncML?:

    18. Click New SyncML?:

    19. In the presented form:
      • Name the SyncML? job; e.g., test;
      • Enter the WebDAV? SyncML? Path to the folder you created above; e.g., /DAV/home/<ods-user>/mysync/calendar;
      • Enter your ODS username and password;
      • Select whether to sync events, tasks, or both;

    20. Click Create.

    21. Click Sync.
    22. Specify the direction of synchronization, and click the Sync button.

    23. A message will show how many events and tasks were synced to the Calendar instance (In), and how many were synced to the DAV location (Out):

    Synchronization in Background

    Suppose you have synced your tasks and events from the Calendar instance to the DAV location as described above. When there is a change on some of the fields for a current event or task in your Calendar, the Save action will trigger a re-sync to the DAV location.


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