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    ODS Feed Manager Getting Started


    1. Virtuoso Server has been installed and is running
    2. ODS Framework and other ODS Applications including Weblog and Feed Manager have been successfully installed
    3. Register a new ODS account, or login using your Virtuoso installer's default 'dba' or 'dav' accounts.

    Step By Guide

    1. Using a web browser, login into http://localhost:8890/ods/ with your ODS user account or as default 'dba' or 'dav' user.
    2. Select the Feeds tab from the ODS Toolbar.
    3. Select the "Create New" Link.
    4. Enter your Feed Manager name and URL, and click the button labeled "Create and Launch Application", which will create a new instance of the ODS Feed Manager application.

    Subscribe to Feeds

    Once you have created an instance, you are ready to subscribe to feeds and read news, articles, and weblogs.

    1. Select the 'Administration' tab.
    2. Click the 'Subscribe" button and mark the radio set "From URL (RSS/Atom/OPML/OCS...)" and click the "Next" button (for example, you can enter: http://virtuoso.openlinksw.com/blog/gems/rss.xml )
    3. In the input box, enter the feed you want to subscribe to and click the "Subscribe" button.
    4. Enter a title for your feed; enter a new folder name or select one from the folder list; and click the "Subscribe" button.

    Read Headlines

    1. Select the Read tab in the top Tab deck
    2. In the left pane folder list, select a folder containing the feed containing the headlines or blog post you want to read and click the Feed link. For example, if you subscribed to the Virtuoso Product Blog, you would click ' OpenLink? Virtuoso (Product Blog)'
    3. Click on the headlines you want to read, by clicking on the links under the heading 'Headline'.
    4. View the headlines in the panel below the folder tree and headlines.

    Feed Manager Page Overview

    Check out some of Feed Managers other features as show below:

    1. Browse through folders containing your subscribed feeds and weblogs, administer your feeds.
    2. Scroll though your headlines, perform keyword or advanced searches, set your preferences.
    3. Add A Feed Manager bookmarklet to your browser or syndicate your feeds in a variety of formats.
    4. Read headline details, mark your feeds, flag them or share them by sending an email, making a comment, blogging the headline in weblog or any 3rd party blog you own.
    Figure 1 - Feed Manager

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