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    Installing package(s) using the Conductor UI

    1. Go to http://cname:port/conductor
    2. Log in as dba
    3. Go to tab System Admin - > Packages
      • If you have installed Virtuoso from installer, here should be shown the loaded packages. All you need to do select the package(s) you want to be installed, and click the Install button.
      • If you database is new one and you have installed the Conductor package, this tab (Packages) will show only the Conductor package install.
    4. Under "Install package" select the ods_framework_dav.vad package ( you can download from here and click the "Proceed" button.
    5. In the shown form click the button "Proceed". *
    6. As result will be shown message for successfully installed the package. *
    7. Click "Back to Packages" button. *
    8. Now perform the same steps for installing the phpBB3_fs.vad file. You can downloaded it from here. *
    9. As result in the "Packages" tab you should have shown as installed the ods and phpBB3 packages. *


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